How to Set up Google Chromecast 2019

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hello and welcome to awkward bomb

reviews and how to's on today's video

we'll be talking about the Google

chromecast this is the third generation

Google chromecast and we're going to

show you how to set it up now already do

have a video for Google chromecast set

up from the second generation you can

find that video right up here or down in

the description but I'm go ahead and go

through the setup process of the third

generation Google chromecast let's get


alright before we get into the setup

these are some of the things that you

can cast directly from your device to

the Google chromecast you don't have to

have a smart TV to be able to use this

this actually converts your TV that

maybe isn't sparked into a smart TV if

you already have a smart TV you can

still use this if you want to be able to

cast things directly to the TV if your

TV doesn't maybe provide that option as

some don't but all kinds of different

options things that you can do on your

chromecast now let's get started you can

see it's a little bit different design

if you've had a previous version of the

chromecast a little bit smoother a

little nicer design they took away that

the old magnet style setup but we're

going to go ahead and go through the

process of setting up let's see at what

else is in the box here alright of

course you have your power brick I

personally do not use this now this is

this is a preference thing let's see if

I can get that out this is a preference

thing I don't personally use the power

brick when I plug the USB cable in I'll

plug it directly into the back of the TV

where there is a USB slot but you can

use this power brick and just plug it

directly into the wall

all right this should be the USB cable


and it is

all right so first things first you can

go through the instructions if you if

you would prefer but I'm gonna take you

through basically the entire setup first

things first is you're going to find the

place to plug in the USB directly to the

chromecast like so and it should snap

should be very secure the next thing

you're going to do is you're going to

take this HDMI cable it's connected to

the chromecast and plug it directly into

an HDMI Smuts slot on your TV so let's

go ahead and do that alright so now

we're going through the setup process as

you can see we have this power plugged

into the chromecast I'm going to take

the HDMI cable you see we have a free

HDMI slot here so I'm just going to plug

that right in and then we take the other

side and as you can see right here if

you can read it there is a spot that

says USB you can take the power side of

that and plug it right in like I said

you can also plug it into the back of

your power brick and plug that right

into an outlet and I like to save those

outlets or something else so I'm going

to use the option of just plugging it

right into the back of the TV set like

so so you have your chromecast the

dongle plugged right into HDMI and the

power portion plugged into the USB port

on the back here TV so let's turn it on

alright when you first draw on TV and

you put it on the correct input you're

going to give this message to get the

app and that'll be the Google home app

from the Play Store you can get that

both on your Android device or on the on

your iOS device it's the Google home app

so when you pull it up when you first

pull it up if it doesn't immediately pop

up it should pop up and say set up this

device on the Google home app if it does

not what you'll need to do is press this

option down in the bottom right it's the

profile option and then what you'll need

to press is setup or ad right at the top

so I'm going to click that and then it's

going to give you different options here

we're going to set up device all right

so it's asking you to set up all right

so it's asking you what you want to set

up set up new devices in your home

you'll go ahead and click that option

if you have a home set up you go ahead

and choose that option I do and then

you'll hit next and it's looking for new

devices and it should pop up with the

chromecast that we have up on our TV and

let's see if it does yep chromecast 2015

if you'll see in the bottom of your TV

right there

chromecast 2015 that shows you that you

have the right device so you go ahead

and click on it and then you'll click

Next and it's now connecting to the

chromecast now at some point during the

set up it will ask you to connect to

Wi-Fi all right here's the next setup

step it's asking you to verify that this

code right here is also found on the

Google home a p-- see if it pops up here

yep w8 r2w ar2 so it is good to go so

we'll click yes and it'll ask you if you

want to send feedback I will not be and

then if you have room setup at that

point it'll ask you where is this

located you can set up a new room here

where it says create new wherever you

have it we're gonna put it in the attic

and then hit next at the button and

we're going to leave it call attic to

just because that's what it named it you

can call it anything upstairs tv

downstairs TV bedroom TV Gerry's TV

whatever you want to call it we're just

going to leave it named attic to just

for this setup I'm gonna hit continue

and it's going to ask for you to connect

to Wi-Fi so I've got my Wi-Fi there

all right now it's going to connect to

Wi-Fi and it's going to then connect the

chromecast itself to Wi-Fi and one of

the first things your chromecast will

probably do is go out to the internet

and fetch an update they'll pull down

any new firmware or any any new updates

that needs to be on your chromecast this

won't take long as you can see in the

bottom right now it says I think 2 TB

like I said if we'd named that anything

else bedroom TV

fred's TV whatever that's what would pop

up there it was named attic - all right

so we've now reached 100% on the update

and it's restarting the device the first

time through it's going to make sure

that all the updates are installed ok so

once it's restarted it'll go through the

install process and it's going to reset

one more time and then it will be just

about ready for use every time you turn

on your TV to that input this is what's

gonna pop up it's gonna say chromecast

just like that what's cool too is that

you can use this as kind of like a

screen saver if you want to cast your

own images to it you can if you want to

set up a certain folder from from your

Google images to just rotate like a

screensaver you can do that as well all

right so it's directing us to go back to

the Google home app and then it's asking

to link the chromecast you hit next ok

and any services that you currently use

on your device it'll ask if you want to

add those we only really use Netflix and

YouTube but so we'll click Next and

we're all done it says hit continue and

it's telling us now that our attic 2 TV

is ready to cast that we'll hit continue

so let's pull up YouTube and this is

just showing us how to cast for the

first time so anytime you're watching a

YouTube video or Netflix this option

pops up you will click it it'll ask you

where you want to cast it we're going to

cast it to attic to TV cast icon appears

and there you go it is now playing your

YouTube video right on your screen now

you can also use your tablet to control

tablet or device to control the volume

so I'm just going to press down on the

volume here and it's actually doing it

on the TV you can also pause your video

right from your device I'm going to hit

pause on the tablet and it stops it

exactly where you hit pause then I'm

gonna hit play again and it's going to

resume the video anytime you're ready to

stop you hit you hit the cast button

right at the top of your screen and you

hit stop casting alright so even once

you're done casting or while you're

casting rather you can do other things

on your device it doesn't stop you from

continuing to use your device alright

this concludes the setup video for the

third generation google chromecast

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