Gas station cash register (verifone) how it works

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here is a tutorial about how to use a

cash register in gas station for example

if you want to forget I say a number one

as you can see this is number one it's


there is nobody on number one so what

you do you come here you press one and

then you press the prepay C so the

prepaid and this will pop up and then

must say they want $20 so you put in $20

then you can either press ok from here

or you can press enter as you see right

here shows pump number one $20 the total

is when it enters at number one is

twenty come here and just cash it up

okay let's say number one didn't want I

guess we do is you press 1 and then you

press stop will may take a few seconds

now as you can see the $20 and right

left here you can either just a press

one number one and get it or you can

press one and then the fuel the yellow

one here says amount do it 20 between

two parenthesis Mr regard you will just

- it out let's say you want to print a

receipt and previous receipt from the

pump so what you do is you go ticket a

print right here and then this will show

you can choose whatever amount you did

so let's say we want the second one you

can either use the keys or the touchpad

and can go as I say you want this the

$10 ones to press ENTER comes ratio and

oil let's say somebody did it off

outside and you want to get the receipt

from outside you press on the pump and

then you go out right here view print

and then you click on the first one I'm

gonna see you will come