How to use these new gas can spouts. Silly

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hey guys it's Scott again with another

quick how-to video what to go rinse my

lawnmower air filter with some gasoline

to clean it and I recently just bought

this new gas cam it has these new type

of nozzles on them and I already don't

like it real quick I want to show you

how it works don't come with any

instructions or anything but you push

this red button in okay and then if

you're tilting it like say into your car

if you ran out of gas it pushes this

nozzle down see and then you're able to

get the gas on out of out of it right

because it's a no spill type nozzle okay

but I see it locks back up so if you

want to do something like clean your air

filter or pour this into something small

like a weed eater or something you can't

you see you got to push it in and

somehow hold this in nice ridiculous man

so the only thing I think it's good for

is if it's in your car and it won't

spill so my suggestion to you is to take

this off throw it away and put your old

style on it one where you just take the

lid off and pour it that's it all right

so simple sometimes they mess with

things I'm trying to make them better

and I don't like that

anyway that's it y'all have a good day I

know it's kind of silly but take care