Forerunner 235: Getting Started with Your Wrist-based HR Running Watch

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this video will guide you through the

basics of setting up and using your

forerunner 235 for the first time before

your first run you want to be sure your

watch is fully charged just plug the

included USB cable into your computer

and clip the charger onto your watch

the 4runner 235 uses sensors to read

heart rate at the wrist giving you the

option to run without a heart rate strap

to get the most accurate heart rate

reading make sure the watch face is

placed above your wrist bone secure the

band snugly around your wrist the first

time you turn on your watch it will ask

you a few setup questions so you can

select your language preference and set

up your user profile

now let's take a look at the keys and

basic functions on your watch the power

key turns the backlight on and off press

and hold to turn the watch on or off

the key on the upper-right with the

runner icon starts and stops the timer

it also acts as the enter key when you

need to select a menu option or

acknowledge a message on screen

use the lap key on the lower right to

manually mark a lap time when running

when the timer is not running this key

functions as a back key to return to a

previous screen

on the lower left the up and down arrow

keys are used to scroll through data

screens and menu settings

once you scroll to the option you want

using the arrow keys

simply press the runner icon key to

select it

your forerunner uses GPS signals so you

need to be outdoors for it to get

satellite reception

when the satellite bars turn green your

watch is locked on and ready to go okay

now we're ready to head out for a run

press the runner icon key to start the

timer and get going

the timer screen shows your distance

time and current pace

press the down-arrow key to see

additional data such as your heart rate

to stop the timer' press the runner key

if you're just taking a break and want

to keep going select resume

when your runs done press the down-arrow

key then press the runner icon key this

saves your run and resets the timer the

summary screen will appear showing your

stats for that run and if you hit any

personal records like your fastest mile

or longest run to date your watch will

show those two

the 4runner 235 can also be used indoors

with its built-in accelerometer to

measure pace in distance to use the

accelerometer simply select the run

indoor activity profile which by default

turns off GPS indoors or out if you want

to share or compare your workout numbers

with friends or family members you can

also pair your 4runner to 35 with your

compatible smartphone and gain access to

a wide range of smart features including

voice call and text notifications

automatic data uploads for online

sharing live track and much more to make

that happen start by downloading the

garmin connect mobile app onto your

smart phone you'll create an account and

accept the user Terms then on your

4runner go to the main menu select

settings then bluetooth

then pair mobile device

then on your phone enable bluetooth and

follow the on-screen prompts to complete

the pairing process once successfully

paired you can use the garmin connect

mobile app to manage connect IQ apps

enable audio alerts and manage other

settings on your forerunner