CNET How To - Use your console controllers for PC gaming

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computers can be great for gaming and

with a keyboard and mouse you can truly

shine in some MMORPGs first-person

shooters and realtime strategy games but

some games can be even better if you use

a controller I'm dan Graziano and in

today's how-to I'm going to show you how

to use the controller that comes with

either your Xbox 360 Xbox one or

PlayStation 4 on your computer the

easiest controllers are used with your

PC are the ones that come with the Xbox

360 and the Xbox one it shouldn't be a

shock that Microsoft made it simple for

gamers to simply plug in and play but

before you can do that you need to

download drivers from Microsoft's

website once it has been installed just

connect the controller and start gaming

for the Xbox one you will need a micro

USB cord unfortunately the controller

can't be used wirelessly it's a little

more difficult to use the PlayStation

controllers with your PC in fact I don't

even recommend using the ps3 controller

while there is a way to connect it it's

a huge hassle and the software uses kind

of sketchy so I say you stay away so

we're gonna focus on the controller that

comes with the ps4 the first thing you

must do is download and install the Xbox

360 drivers from Microsoft

then using a program called DS for tool

you're going to trick your PC into

thinking the ps4 controller is actually

an Xbox one once the program has been

downloaded unzip it and open the folder

titled virtual bus driver inside of the

folder double-click on the SCP driver

application and install it if it was

installed properly under the install

summary it will list bus device and bus

driver make sure steam or any running

games are closed and connect the ps4

controller to your PC using a micro USB

cord then open the SCP server

application located in the main ds4 tool

folder the program should automatically

detect your controller and say it's

ready for use if your computer has

bluetooth or you purchased an adapter

you can also use the ps4 controller

wirelessly press the share and play

Station button on the controller until

the LED light begins flashing to enter

pairing mode open the control panel on

your computer and under hardware and


click on add a device and select the

controller after it has been paired

simply open the SCP server application

and it should automatically detect your

controller you can customize the light

bar color adjust the controller's Rumble

create custom controls and even enable

the touchpad which can be used to move

the cursor around all of this can be

done in the options menu for more

detailed instructions and links the

software you need to get the job done

check out my article on how to dot you can also reach out to me on

Twitter with any questions or comments

I'm dan Graziano CNET thanks for