Fusion Juicer Whisper Quiet Stainless Steel Juicer with Fusion Booster with David Venable

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what do you say we go juicing there man

let's do it

Eric theses back with us everybody and

we've got something very special for you

tonight this is our fusion juicer now

it's something very very different in

the world of juicing it's also know why

I'm shouting it's perfect

you hear that check that out this is

that loud audience know you can barely

hear it it's coming and when the juice

comes out it kind of seems your little

song got fennel and um look what happens

here it starts juicing an eric is

juicing whole granny smith apples

this is Granny Smith apple juice what do

you think what do you guys think look at

that color

guys so first of all it's the fusion

juicer you may have seen it out there on

TV but you're not just getting the

fusion juicer you're actually getting

the fusion juicer and the booster so

when you want to make it beautiful juice

like this I'm gonna come over here so

Davey sure you're getting so much that I

just want everybody to see what they're

getting first and then we'll go back and

we'll show you how to juice please walk

us through what comes with all right

first of all you're getting the fusion

juicer okay this is just a outstanding

juicer it's fantastic because it is

whisper quiet and super powerful it

doesn't cook your juice then you're

getting the booster just this alone

people love these types of blenders

they're fantastic so you can boost your

juice with whatever you want whether

it's protein powder or whatever we're

giving you over a hundred recipes we're

giving you a turn around guy 60 pages of

fantastic recipes just to kind of give

you a little help if you want some sure

and then you can juice all of this stuff

we don't leave you hanging we give you

recipes galore so people say to me I

don't know what to juice you know what


everything tastes good when you juice it

so take a look at this apple juice that

you just saw me make notice the color of

this is that absolutely beautiful now

let me show you guys and where's Chris

and Donna out there my Facebook friends

which ones would you rather have would

you rather have this juice yeah this is

apple juice from the store it's cooked

it's pasteurized apple juice from the

apples which would you rather dry I mean

seriously guys so baby here you taste


I'll try those I'm gonna just put this

down no offense against this apple juice

but you know what it's not that oh my

gosh it's liquid granny smith apple is

what it is it's so good and it has all

the nutrients of the Apple skin though I

mean all of it is pulling all the best

nutrients out of the fruit it does now

look at this beautiful chamber that we

have here so you can actually see the

look at the color it's gorgeous we have

a safe trip spout there so you can turn

it off and turn it on at your will

that's a fantastic feature guys let me

tell you if you've ever put juice all

over your counter you'll know I'm going

to add to that a little bit of ginger

I'm gonna put a little bit of spinach

and then I'm gonna put a little bit of

pineapple you know what I'm gonna do I'm

gonna give it to David again because I

just want to show you what a little bit

of ginger and some pineapple can do to

your apple juice now David you need this

cuz I saw you ate a lot of mac and

cheese out there tonight

oh honey dude that might help you out

mmm I love the ginger in the juice

because it gives a little sleep it gives

some nice little kick it does ya pal you

know you do that in the morning it wakes

up your taste buds and makes you feel

good and again guys voice juicers on I'm

talking over it right now I even forgot

I almost forgot to shut it off I'm gonna

shut that one off and then I'm going to

come over here because I want to show

you also getting the juicer the fusion

booster so now what I did is i'm going

to take my carrot and pineapple juice

and i'm going to boost it with a banana

and some protein powder these are all

included you're getting both machines

for that price we're that it's

absolutely beautiful and this little

guy's ingenious because what we did is

we give you a little lid so you can take

it to go so you can bring it to work

bring it in your car give it to your

kids let me tell you something and it's

probably too late for my kids to be up

but I've been sneaking kale and spinach

in their strawberry banana juice for

about five years

they have no idea but they're growing up

strong Jack Oh Eric that's great it's

delicious right Apple really gives it a

creaminess yeah you got the Apple you

get the banana now let's put some

pineapples in here I love though look at

the color just the color alone makes you

go I I mean are these beautiful colors

everybody knows that we're supposed to

be eating lots of colorful fruits and

vegetables and why not do it with a

juicer that has a whisper quiet engine

and to that it's got a really powerful


here that this isn't like a race car

it's more like a diesel engine

you hear that torque in there it's a low

induction motor and look I just pushed

that down it's absolutely easy here's a

look at how it works okay so all

stainless steel construction on the

inside dishwasher safe huge chute so you

can drop whole apples down there you see

what it does it's taking the Apple apart

but it's not cooking it because that

engine is really really powerful right

it's not fast when something spins

really fast you add heat when you add

heat you cook your vegetables in your

fruit we don't want to cook our fruit

and vegetables we want to eat them in

their whole form and that's what we're

doing with this juicer and that's also

remind you six easy payments tonight and

free shipping and handling on this

you're also getting the juice recipe

book I know it's great get it in the

juice recipe book and you're also

getting a six week turnaround program

again looking to get into a better place

you know help wise well you know what

it's just great to be able to have a

little help when you want it when you

need it and to be able to juice and and

talk over it's not like you're turning

on a lawn mower in the morning you don't

need that to get your juice out of there

we want to get it out quietly and

efficiently and the fusion juicer and

the booster just I love it it's awesome

your ass berries all over you all right

enjoy Eric thank you if Meredith has it

and all the tip you could have what's

left I don't I get there you go all

right and bye guys folks thank you so

much thank you Eric

appreciate that we've got time for one

final item tonight and Christi Flay