Top 5 Frog Fishing Tips You NEED To Catch More Bass

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hey guys my name is Bill Matthews I have

a YouTube channel best ml 96 and mystery

tackle boxes let me take over the

YouTube channel today to show you guys

how to do some frog fishing so I'm gonna

give you guys five quick tips to help

you guys catch your more bass and he's

gonna frog okay so today we're throwing

the SPRO poppin bronze ID frog I like

throwing all black from work that's not

one of the tips but honestly it gives

you a really good silhouette the fish

from below they don't really know what

color the frog is anyway you don't got

to get too fancy with the colors so I

stick with an all-black but straight out

of the package SPRO has actually changed

their design quite a bit so their tails

already come pretty much cut but what I

like to do here first tip you want to

cut this a little bit unevenly because

that's gonna help you get a much better

walk the dog action so that's tip number

one now I'm gonna tie this up and we're

gonna go start fishing there he is

sucking gasps OH he came right at the

shore line there though but so what

we're doing here is we're throwing this

frog in and around these little pads so

that's another not part of the five tips

here but you want to throw the fraud

around vegetation you don't want to be

throwing it out in the middle of nowhere

usually every once in a while you can

throw it like up on a flat or something

but usually I would go for something

more like a spook or something like that

but you could throw a frog in heavy

cover because it's pretty much

completely we list and that fish hit

right in the thick of things there okay

guys so tip number two here it applies

more to pond fishing but when you're

fishing lakes too I I do this sometime

but we're gonna do is we're gonna cast

on the shoreline then drag the frog into

the water that way you don't spook the

fish by landing the frog right on top of

their heads it just seems like a more

natural approach so I'm gonna start

casting in the bank dragging the frog

slowly into the water so the fish don't

really know it's just a little bit more

like their natural habitat and the fish

are gonna eat a little bit better

first ass up in the shoreline and he

never knew anything because we were nice

and discreet we just dragged it right

off the bank there and she thought it

was just a little frog in a nice little

afternoon stroll but that's a little

dinky bass the first ones a little bit

better that's how you do it

tip number two okay guys so tip number

three we're gonna be looking for ambush

points since bats are predatory in

nature they're gonna be sitting there

and the thickest stuff but they're gonna

have their heads poking out towards the

holes and towards the edge of lily pad

so you want to throw your frog around

those areas

I want to target these little holes

these little pockets and that's where

you're gonna get the most bites so let's

go do that see if there's any bass

sitting in these holes

a little pocket said a good one that's a

decent one it's a little bit bigger

basically what you want to do like I

said its target those holes it's just

gonna be a lot more of a high percentage

area you could catch fish in this thick

stuff and a lot of times in the in the

dead of summer they'll sit in the heavy

parts of the mat and you will catch fish

and a frog doing that but the majority

of time you're gonna get more bites if

you hit those holes so that is tip

number three so tip number four is I see

so many guys fish hollow belly frogs way

too fast and what we're gonna do is

we're going to slow down what I like to

do is I like to give you that walk the

dog action but I fish it super slow

compared to a lot of guys at least so

we're gonna just basically try to make

this frog walk in one place without

moving at all really you want to sit in

one of those little pockets like tip

number three and just have your frog

walk the dog and kind of remain

motionless but still moving at the same

time and you're gonna get more bites

doing that holy smokes right in that

tiny little pocket all right come on we

gotta get this fish that look like a

good one I don't look like a better fish

oh my gosh okay

bonus tip guys - and I just did a

terrible job of it so maybe I'm not the

one to tell you when you're frog fishing

you want to give those fish one or two

seconds to you know really get that frog

down their throat and I just absolutely

destroyed that thing the second that it

blew up on there well that's a bonus tip

that price should have been one of the

five definitely let the fish get the

frog in their mouth because especially

when that one hit it kind of in the slop

like Oh Celie they want that one

straight missed it let's see come on

fourth time's the charm

but you want to make sure that they get

that frog completely down their throat

especially when you do get one that's

not in a pocket and they don't see it

that wall so they're slurping up a lot

of grass along with the frog in you just

gotta let them get it good

literally right there I popped that one

over the top of a lily pad then I just

let it sit there didn't move it at all

and that fish crushed it another little

dinky bass but you got a love frog

fishing in that thick cover it's a lot

of fun okay so that is tip number four

and now finally tip number five possibly

the most important tip of all you got to

be throwing it on the right equipment

I'm throwing this seven eight seven six

heavy action fast tip rod it's got a ton

of backbone to pull these fish out a

heavy cover but it's still got a nice

little tip on there too so you can work

the front really nice this is a Fox

River rod you guys can check them out

I'm throwing these down to seven one two

one super fast gear ratio reel so you

can you know make sure that you pull

those fish out of the cover as fast as

possible you don't want them digging

their way deeper down into that grass

the most important out of the equipment

section two is your line and I'm

throwing this on sixty five pound braid

through multiple reasons so one braided

line floats you don't want to throw this

on fluorocarbon cuz your frogs gonna

sink down and then two it doesn't

stretch at all so when you set the hook

that fish is gonna get stuck so

equipment is extremely important when

you're fragra fishing you want to make

sure you have like it seven four two

seven six a heavy action rod and you're

gonna be pulling those fish I have you

covered you wanna have a super fast gear

ratio reel and you definitely want to

have a braided line but let's go catch

another fish

there is there is it look at that won't

even get like stuck in the cover that's

perfect to show you like how important

having this strong equipment is if

you're throwing this I got a spinning

rod if you're throwing this on like a

seven-foot medium heavy rod you're not

gonna be able to pull him out of this

super thick cover like these these pads

have really thick stems and pulling

those fish out is extremely important

there's another fish out of that some

thick cover there and that is tip number

five you got to have the right equipment

but we're gonna catch some more fish

here so if you guys want to stick around

and watch me catch some frogs you might

get some bigger ones there actually are

some pretty big fish in this pond but I

hope these tips helped you guys out a

ton I know that frog fishing is one of

those things that you could get really

frustrated really fast if you keep

missing fish on a frog and having the

right equipment like I said that's the

most important thing if you're gonna

land most your fish so far today I think

I've had like five or six blow ups and

I've only miss just the one of them and

if you miss one or two on a frog that's

just bound to happen so let's go catch

some more bass and hopefully we stick a

big one there we go let that one eat it

for a second boom baby

well after missing that last decent one

they're stuck one but they're getting

small again you need to get some big



there we go there's a little bit better

one right there out of the thick stuff

right in that hole oh it's a little

chunky one - that might be a pre-spawn

female if I've ever seen one check out

that little prego belly holy smokes that

thing's fed as heck dude what a little

butterball holy crap

on a picture though that one came

fishing right in one of those little

holes and fishing the Frog super slow so

that was utilizing tip number I don't

even know what number the tip story but

the key is using all the tips together

the only one that you don't always use

is you don't always can step on the


obviously you can't even do it like if

certain angles you can't even do it

every single time but all the other tips

the equipment fishing slow fishing in

holes all that all together will catch

you more bass and that's exactly what

happened right there baby

that's a better fish right there okay

seems like the bigger ones are over in

this pocket that's a nice fish right

there this one looks more post-spawn

than anything but or it could just be

like a decent sized male but that's

probably like a 1415 inch or we're right

out of that thick slop right there okay

hopefully the bigger ones over here

we're gonna start getting into them

oh yeah baby popped it road of that ped

stem man I can't get any big ones we

caught one nice really fat like 12 inch

or and then like a 15 inch er but the

majority of the fish seem to be like I

don't know 10 inches long

absolutely choke the Frog though right

down the throat let her take it for a

second and she just frickin demolished

it fishin is super slow okay feisty

little guy okay so I think that's gonna

do it for the day let's get this fish

back in the water really quick another

like 10 inches did not get any Giants

but I hope these frog tips helped you

out today we were just fishing like a

little pond here but these work pretty

much everywhere across the board lakes

ponds rivers stream anywhere where this

heavy vegetation and you want to throw a

tap water frog next time you guys are

out frog fishing consider using those

tips to help you guys catch more bass on

a top water frog but thank you guys for

joining me today for this tips and

tricks video and hope you guys check out

more stuff on mr. tackle boxes channel

if you guys like watching this and you

want to check out my content as well the

link is gonna be down in the description

below but I will catch you guys next