How to Use the Fitbit Charge 3 for Beginners

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hey guys Wayne here from tech made easy

today I want to show you how to use the

Fitbit charge 3 I'm just gonna go over

some of the basic things about

navigating the device how do you find

things where is everything and what it

can do so let's jump right in but before

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watching alright let's jump right in so

first of all on the left side here this

there's a button that when it's on it'll

vibrate when you press it's really the

only button on the whole Fitbit right

there so pressing that will

automatically wake up the screen and the

screen will say over a couple of seconds

and it goes off okay

so press that button this is our display

this is our watch face so by swiping

from the top you will get to see your

different notifications so you are able

to link it with your phone and then

select specific things that you want to

come through so for example if someone

calls you it will show up if someone

sends you a text message you can have

those show up you can have it showing

you emails it'll even show you a preview

of the email as well so I'll have two

emails right now that are showing up in

the notification section and then I can

swipe down further and hit clear all and

all those will go away so basically just

swipe it down from the top just shows

you notifications okay you can't

actually like answer the phone or

anything but again if someone's calling

you it will tell you hey your phone is

reading going into it okay so now if we

swipe up from the top or from the bottom

up this is how you check the battery

percentage so right now we're on 33% and

how you can also see how many steps you

have if the steps aren't on the home

screen as well as how active you were

your heart rate how many miles you did

for the day how many calories you burn

how many steps you did your sleeping

your weight how much water you drink

everything is going to be in this

section in terms

of how active you were for the day if

you swipe all the way down it will take

you back to your home screen so top

notifications the bottom is your

activity and then you can swipe to the

left or start you meet yep to the left

to start an exercise to do a relaxed

exercise set a timer and alarm check the

weather and go to your settings so for

example if I want to set a timer I can

go ahead and hit this I can choose from

a stopwatch or swipe left to choose from

account down so I do do intermittent

fasting so sometimes I'll come in here

and I'll just turn on the stopwatch hit

that button right there and I'll let it

run so I could know how long I've been

in my fast for and you can still go back

to your home screen and let it run in

the background

and when you're ready just go back to

the timer and you can check it stopwatch

and you can check see where it is when

you're done hit the pause swipe up to

get to this and this will reset it all

together and not your back at zero now

when you want to go back to your home

screen no matter what screen you're on

it's just a matter of pressing your home

button and keep pressing it until it

takes you all the way home so that's

that the screen goes off tapping it

twice will also wake it up or if it's on

your wrist you can flick your wrist and

normally that will make it wake up as

well so you have the flick of the wrist

or you have tapping the screen as well

to wake it up what else do we have here

so exercise so it will detect if you're

working out but if you want to be really

precise with your workout details then I

suggest you tapping on exercise and

actually selecting what you're doing are

you running your biking swimming

whatever it is treadmill weights this

will allow it to track your activity

more precisely and give you a better

read in the app so I need to do this

more fortunately usually I just start

working out and I totally forget about

this but definitely good to do if you

remember and some of these you can swipe

up and you can change like the

meters or the type of pool or you can

you know customize the settings a lot

further okay all right so alarms this is

your settings right here so just

remember to get to setting this home

screen and just swipe left Oh two three

swipe left three times and here's our

settings we can change the the

brightness so how the auto brightness

works if you want to set the brightness

or if you want the screen to change the

brightness depending on the light in the

room you could change the vibration

heart rate turning off the heart rate

will make the battery last a little bit

longer so if you don't care about that

turn it off get some more battery life

they go ahead and clear this up so you

guys can see it just a little bit better

there we go notifications during sleep

and about so those are all just the the

basic features right there anything else

you would want to do you would have to

do it through the app so let me show you

the a pretty quickly so if you're on

Android there is an app and a widget if

you're on iOS or iPhone there's just the

app so the cool thing if you're on an

Android phone

and you have downloaded the Fitbit app

by holding down your home screen this

should work for most phones you hold

your home screen you go to widgets and

there is a widget for the Fitbit you go

all the way down to the F section and

you'll find the fitbit widget there's

two different fitbit options here ok

this is the one I'm using and it just

has this little ring that shows up on

your home screen this shows you how far

away you are from your goal my goal is

always 10,000 steps so I've had about

6,000 right now so you can tap on the

widget where you can tap on the app in

order to get into the settings now you

should have linked your fitbit up with

your smartphone when you first got it if

you didn't have a smartphone at the time

or just didn't do it definitely

encourage you to link it up because a

lot of the benefit really does lie

within the app so here you have

your steps and it will give you more

details about humming flourish you climb

miles you need calories burnt minutes

active if you worked out for that day

this will give you for the week

I mean days you worked out how long you

slept if you wore it at night

information your heart rate how active

you were you can track how much water

you drunk what how much you weigh

calories all that and I just discovered

something else from the cool one to

share so I used to lose it app and so if

you used lose it app and you have the

paid version you can link it with your

Fitbit so it'll pull in all the steps

that you've done in to add calories

based on how active you work for the day

also if you log your food in the lose an

app it will link it over to the Fitbit

app and then in the food section it will

show you how many calories you've

consumed and how many you have left ok

and then you have a couple more things

challenges here if you want to compete

with other people you have a Fitbit

coaching section in the app community

notifications these are all just other

things that are linked in with Fitbit in

general but mainly if you want to

control other things about your Fitbit

for example if you want to change the

clock you would click on the little

Fitbit icon up here and then you would

tap on clock face and this is where you

would select a different face for the

fitbit all clocks tap here just say that

one hit select it will change it to that

clock face now an interesting thing I

just discovered I've been using this

again for a couple of weeks and I didn't

even realize this so I have to show you

this so I was using this watch face

right here I'm going to go ahead and

switch it now this one shows you that

there's two different faces for the

clock there's one that has steps and one

that has the heart rate so you have two

different options in terms of what you

can see when your Fitbit wakes up now I

want to see my heart rate when I'm

working out and when I'm not working out

I want to see my steps so right now

here's the watch face and I can actually

tap right here and it'll change it to

the heart rate and if I tap it again you

know show me some other things

calories burped me miles I did for me

floors so this is that this is one of

the more unique watch faces that

actually allows you to change what you

see on the display so I thought that was

cool I wanted to show you guys there

so all in all this is how you use your

Fitbit charge three there aren't too

many apps available for it yet but I

hear there are supposed to be adding

more but again this is all the apps that

are available right now and that's it

guys I hope you did find that helpful do

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