Ultimate Firestick Hack for 2020 | Run your Firestick on your Laptop, Mac, PC!!!

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all right so welcome back everyone

triple m here and today i got a very

cool hack to show you and this

can work for your fire stick your tivo

stream 4k or

any stream and device that you have and

want to take on the road with you so

for me this will work in a lot of

different scenarios maybe you're in the

airport maybe you're on vacation

somewhere that doesn't necessarily have

a tv handy or

monitor you don't have a monitor handy

you can now connect your fire stick your

tivo stream

to your laptop

watch your movies watch your content and

when you're done

unplug it put in your bag and take off

so we're taking a look at a portable usb

capture card this is from

new tech this only costs 25 and from my


this has less latency than my elgato

capture cards which costs

over a hundred dollars so i'm not going

to talk too long i am on my fire state


my fire stick is being powered by my

computer and also the capture card

is plugged directly into the computer

via usb so all you need is two usb


and you can see everything there is

going so let's go ahead and we'll just


um let's launch youtube first

all right so was playing one of my

videos right there

all right so you can see that

worked flawlessly don't want to go into

any copyright videos but let's just

click on that for a brief second

you can see everything's working there

if we go back to let's try a

nbc peacock

all right so i have a couple shows there

that we're watching

see that's working flawlessly right so

there it is full screen

and like i said guys this is my fire

stick so i can pause it

i can rewind i can hit the home button

audio playback is actually synced which

i was surprised the latency on this is

pretty good guys there is a slight delay

and i'll try to demo this is probably

about a quarter to a half of a second

so check this out when i press the


so there is a little bit delayed but for

me this is a lot better than my elgato

capture card which costs probably about

three times as much

also wanted to mention that i will be

giving two of these away so stay tuned

watch the entire video


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you select all on notification that way

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or a giveaway so all you need

essentially laptop

with power you'll need some kind of a

wi-fi or so maybe

the airport or maybe you're doing a hot

spot or whatever you're using you will

need a network connection for the fire

stick not

necessarily your laptop this will also

be ideal for your tivo stream 4k

and the cool thing about that is that it

uses a micro usb

which means you can just plug it

directly into the side of your computer

and you have power so i'm going to get

into the the configuration

not just the hardware configuration but

what you need to do

with the software this is going to be

plug and play guys you don't need

proprietary software

plug it in open obs tweak a couple

settings and you're all set so let's go

ahead and jump into the details so the

first thing i wanted to do is just show

you what's in the box and go over some

of the product details so

this is a new tech hdmi usb video

capture card guys it is usb 2.0

the max supported input resolution is 4k

the supported

output is 1080p so keep that in mind as

far as your your color support yet 810

as well as 12-bit

deep color supports awg26 as far as the

software it works with basically

anything that's compatible guys so if

you use vlc if you use

obs if you use amcamp it will work does

have support for windows

android as well as mac os so that's

basically it let's um just take a look

at what's in the box this unboxing is

going to be pretty easy

so these are the only three things that

actually comes in the box so the first

one is going to be the

actual capture card just says hdmi

capture on the front output is going to

be usb

this is where you're going to actually

plug in your hdmi

device so whether it's a fire stick

whether it's a

camera anything that basically uses hdmi

should work properly on this so we have

the booklet as well it's going to give

you some information

how you can use this all right you can

see the laptop demo there is the prime


and the last thing in the box is a usb

extension so that will come in handy if

you don't have the the room you can just

go ahead and plug it in

like this plug this into your computer

plug your hdmi device in here

and you're all set so the software that

we're going to be using for this is obs

studio so

we'll go ahead and launch it so the

first thing you need to do when you get

into obs is add a source so you're going

to go to sources

you're going to hit the plus button

we're going to go down to video capture


click on it and now we're just going to

give it a name i'm just going to name

mine hdmi

dongle next we're going to just click ok

once you click ok on the devices hit the

drop down and we're looking for usb

video that should switch the input so

before we leave this screen make sure

you set your audio that way the audio

will pass through to your computer

speaker so to do that

i'm going to go all the way down so on

the output mode we're going to click on


custom audio device click on it

and where it says digital audio we're

gonna leave it right there i'm gonna

click okay

and now we only have two more steps to

do guys

so next we're gonna go to our settings

on obs

and we're gonna go to audio and where it

says monitor and device we're going to

hit that drop down we want to make sure

we select our speakers

headphones or if you guys have a audio

interface whatever device you want the

audio to come out that's what you're

going to select so

click on it and we're going to click

apply i'm going to click ok

and we have one more step so the last

step next to our

audio devices we're going to click on

our settings i'm going to

click on advanced options

and where it says hdmi dongle you're

going to go to the right

and on the drop down guys you have three

options the monitor is either off

monitor only mute output monitor

and output so depending what you're

doing guys i just select monitor and

output for this

setup and then i hit close

so once you do that the last step you

need to do is just make your device full

screen so

to get to the full screen just right

click anywhere right there in the gray


i'm going to go to full screen preview

select the monitor that you want it to

be full screen on

and there you go

everything's working

and everything's working well so cool

little hack like i said this was 25

on amazon i will be leaving a link in

the description also

two of them for the giveaway leave a

comment in the comment section let me

know what you're going to use this video

capture card for and i will pick a


with the random picker in a couple days

that's it for this video don't forget to


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thank you for watching

and i'll catch you on the next one