How To Setup Your Epson Printer - Learn To Print, Scan, Copy & Send A Fax Today

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I'm going to do an unboxing on this

printer I just well it's an epson


WUF 36:20 it's a wireless printer that's

four and one you print your copy you

scan your fax and you can connect for

the ethernet the box is fast fast speeds

for high-volume printing it has a large

Jordan 50 sheet paper capacity tray plus

you can load paper from the back it has

a 2.7 touchscreen for easy navigation

and it's a little two-sided that you can

print to sign and copy two-sided scan

and fax all two-sided the print speed is

19 pages per minute in black and white

ten pages permitted in color the

two-sided print speed is 9.2 black and

white and 6.3 in color the scan

resolution is 1200 by 2400 dpi dots per

inch the print resolution is 4800 by

2400 dpi dots per inch

and again the

LCD screen is 2.7 inches which you get

in the box is obviously the printer and

installation CD and the power cord which

you don't get in the bottom fish you

don't get a USB cable you don't get a

telephone cord and you don't get extra

door-to-door bright ultra Inc set and

you don't get paper obviously you don't

get paper now the ink cartridges are the

Epson 252 you can have the large

capacity or the standard and that is for

the color cartridges as well you you do

get blue red and yellow and also black

so if one goes out you can just go

replace one it's not a tricolor so with

that being said this goes here and open

it up

before I open it up I forgot to add one

thing the wireless connection can be

made from an iPod and iPhone your tablet

and your smartphone I also forgot to

mention that the system required is

Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7

Windows 8 you can also your Mac OS 10

point five point eight to ten point to

you I'm running Windows 10 so we'll see

how that works out

I'm assuming you just you can just go

and download the new drivers the wit is

seventeen point seven inches the depth

is sixteen point four and the height is

nine point six now now with that out of

the way

see what's in here

so before we get in here obviously this

package will got the styrofoam when you

clap here are your little baby ink

cartridges which probably only have a

little bit of ink you know like I said

it's black blue red yellow

on the inside of the box you have your

power cord and your installation disk

with instruction

okay here she is on the front you can

hook up SD cards eur/usd here's your

tray is taped down right now

here's your tray here's your touchscreen

here's the here's the extra tray on the

back which you can adjust for different

size envelopes or letters

here's your fax or your copy which you

can also adjust for different size

letters and

can't lift it up right now cuz it's tape

and here's your scanner layout on the

side you have your land connection and

your USB connection on the back you have

your landline your extension line and

this is the power supply you also have

on the back

this little piece pulls out I'm assuming

this is for maintenance case paper jams

or anything of that nature and you also

have this these little filters there's a

filter at the bottom and and a filter to

the top

so now what I'm going to do is take all

this plastic off and set it up okay now

that I have all the plastic off you can

see this is where the Epson holds 250

sheets you can also you can adjust this

to accommodate different sizes envelopes

letters different sizes then when you

print this is where the paper comes out

when you scan or fax it goes through the

top and comes out the bottom so like I

said off to install it now you have the

printer in the corner where I wanted I'm

just going to follow the directions

obviously unpacked it to turn on and

configure so you simply just plug in the

computer do not connect it to the

computer yet and then just hit the power

button Hey now hit the power button

after you turn it on you're going to

have to configure it month/day/year

country language so as you get done with

that then you move to the next step

which is loading the ink cartridges I

just got done setting up the language

the country the time the date and now

the printer is going through its own

setup it says preparing do not open the

screen so as soon as this gets done go

to next step which is loading the ink

cartridges and while that's doing that

in cartridges simply commonly little

packages you just rip it

careful if you do not want to touch the

ink container and then once you install

it you simply just take this little

yellow tab off and then you're ready to


okay now the printer has stopped the

screen reads install ink cartridges so

you simply just grab on both sides lift

up and the ink cartridge slot slides

over watch your hand

it is it moves to where you can lift the

little flap up and then it tells you the

order so you simply just pull the yellow

tab down and install it's only one way

okay once you even start the ink close

the little door closing on down the

printer says checking the ink cartridges

please wait

it just got done doing it's setting up

it's initializing with the ink and now

it says select paper size and type for

paper source

paper size leather elective paper type

plane now it's ready for the paper

simply just pull the paper tray out lift

it up if you want to adjust the size

push this little clip in and goes in out

same thing with this clip hand out so I

don't know how many sheets I have here

if I have a lot at least a hundred it's

asking me to connect phone line I'm not

going to do that this time

I'm hit close then it says fax is not

set up remind me later

yes and now I'm ready to either hit copy

scan or fax show you what that looks


okay just got down with step number four

loading the paper move to step number

five and that is connect the fax line

I'm actually not going to do that at

this time I'm just going to move to

number six install the software you do

not want your printer connected to your

computer if you have it connected

through a USB or an Ethernet cable

disconnect the cables and load the CD

follow the on-screen instructions and

then it will ask you how do you want

this connected Wireless do you want a

direct USB or do you want a wired

network through an Ethernet follow those

on your screen steps and then you will

be done I'm going to do use Wireless so

I'm not going to use any wire okay

before I go let you know there had there

were four epson workforce models this

one was the second one the cheapest one

was 70 this one was 90 they had two more

I believe they went up to 120 and 150

this one was kind in the middle I didn't

like the one right minor because it

didn't have any tray to hold all the

paper you just put it in the trainer

back and then the other two were pretty

much this model ages imprinted faster

and held more paper so for me this would

work I hope that helps somebody to

to a conclusion and appreciate you

watching and you have a nice day bye