How To Set up Amazon Echo Dot - Echo Dot 4th Generation Setup - Manual Wifi Setup Instructions

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hey guys in this video i'm going to walk

you through how to set up the amazon

echo dot 4th generation out of the box


to take a look at the instruction manual

it doesn't go into that much depth but

i'll be taking you through all the steps

in this video to get you set up and

ready to go just simply to get to know

your echo dot we have four buttons on

the top

this is going to be the action button

this circle then you have plus and minus

and those are going to be for volume up

and volume down

and then also you have a button here to


the echo dot fourth generation that's

going to deactivate the

microphone when you click that

particular button and then of course to

reactivate it you just click that button


so those are the four buttons on top and

then other than that on the back we have

an area to plug in the power cord and

there's also

a headphone jack here so you can plug

into speakers for instance something

like that so they have a three-step

process here basically downloading the

amazon alexa app

on your phone and step number three is

going to be setting up the device itself

through that alexa app and i'll take you

over to my phone and walk you through

the steps on how to do that but first

what we're going to do is plug in

the echo.4th generation so we're going

to take the power cord here

and one side we're going to plug into

the wall

and the other side we're going to plug


to the back of our device

and it's going to be this larger one is

for the power cord

the one that's over on the left hand

side i guess it depends

on what side you're looking from because

on this side it would be on the right

hand side but if you have it facing you

then it's going to be over on the

left-hand side and then we're going to

get this blue ring

that is moving around on our fourth

generation echo dot

and then it says alexa will greet you

and let you know to complete setup

in the alexa app and this will take

roughly around a minute or so

for your device to get to that point

where it starts talking to you and asks

you to set things up

hello your device is ready for setup

just follow the instructions in your

alexa app bringing your device online

just a moment

your echo is ready so guys since i've

set up amazon

devices in the past it actually

automatically set up the device

for me but i'm going to show you how to

do this if you have not already

set up things on the alexa app in the

past so for that next step i'll take you

over to my phone

all right guys so over on my phone you

can see i have the amazon alexa

application and you can get this over at

the google play store if you're on apple

it's gonna be over in the apple app

store that you

download those apps from so i'm going to

open up the play store

and then in the top search bar area type

in alexa

app and then once you're over in the


app page what you're going to do is

download it from this area i already

have it downloaded so it's asking if i

want to open it from this page but again

you're just going to want to download

that amazon alex application if this is

the first device that you're setting up

with amazon alexa now going back to my

home screen now if you don't get an

app icon that automatically pops up you

should also be able to drag up the

bottom screen

of your device and if it's in

alphabetical order the amazon alexa app

should show up right towards the top

of this list when you pull up from the

bottom of the screen it's going to show

you an area that has all of the


that are on your phone so that's another

way that you can find it

now for me since it was doing an

automatic setup it actually shows me a

notification in my top bar area when i

drag down the top of my screen

there's this notification from amazon

alexa that i got and it says complete

echo setup your echo is almost ready

tap to complete setup so you can do that

if you're in the same situation as me

just tap that area but i'm going to try

to take you through a more manual

approach to this for those that are


their first time setting this up through

the amazon alexa app so now we're going

to launch that alexa application by

clicking on it

and it gives us a notification right in

this top area to finish

echo dot setup but again if this is your

first time using this application it's

going to prompt you to log

in using your amazon account if you

don't have an amazon account it will


give you the opportunity to set up an

account with your

amazon alexa application and if you're

not prompted to set up your device

automatically like it is for me right

there at the top where it says finish

echo dot setup what you can do to set

this up manually

is go down into the bottom right hand

corner and click where it says more

and then you can click the little plus

sign that says add a device

and this is going to be amazon echo so

that's what i'm going to click right

there on that icon

and this is going to be an echo dot so

i'm going to select that area

and then it says is your echo plugged in

and is it in setup mode and mine is in

setup mode it has that orange

light circling around the device so i'm

going to click yes

and if you're having an issue where

you're not getting that orange light to

circle around your echo device you can

also hold down the action button

that's towards the back of your

echo.fourth generation

and after you hold that button down for

a while eventually it will go into setup

mode so again

going to be clicking yes in this area

and then it says select your amazon echo

and it shows up in my available devices

so i'm going to click on it

then it says select your wi-fi network

and it's going to scan for the wireless

routers that are in your general


and for me it's going to be x52

then it says connecting your echo dot to

wi-fi make sure your device is nearby

plugged in and in pairing mode and

eventually as long as everything is

hooked up properly it should

finally connect to the internet your

wi-fi wireless internet connection and

so we're going to go ahead and click


and then it's asking which room is your

echo dot in for me it's going to be in

the living room and then click continue

and now it's going to take us through

some different options here so it says


alexa your voice you can do this by

clicking continue

so then it just created my voice profile

so now i can go ahead and click next

and then it's going to ask you for your

personal home address so you can click

one that's on file with your amazon

account or you can manually type one in

if you want to do that

and then it's giving me the option if i

want to enable the sidewalk feature i'm

going to click later on that

and here it's offering a 30 day free

trial to amazon music i'm going to say

no thanks to that

and same thing with audible no i'm going

to say no thanks to that

and it says setup complete you're ready

to start talking

to your amazon echo device to learn more

about what you can say

visit things to try from settings so

then i'm going to go ahead and click


and we're good to go at this point so

your amazon echo dot

is going to start talking to you to walk

you through some different tutorial

options to familiarize yourself with

the device so you can do that at this

point so i hope this video was helpful i

appreciate you guys stopping by consider

subscribing and i'll catch you back here

next time