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an extremely effective dishwasher at a

great price this dish Lex is a fantastic

solution for those who want affordable

high quality convenience now not only

does this model come in stainless steel

like the one we have featured here but

it also comes in white the features and

functions are exactly the same the only

difference is the finished color

accommodating up to 13 place settings

and featuring an easy to use control

panel this freestanding dishwasher from

dish Lex is ideal for larger sized

households ensuring every cup plate and

piece of cutlery your family uses fits

within the dishwashers cavity with ease

use the dial just here to select from

the dishwashers five different wash

cycles including a pots wash cycle and a

quick 30 minute cycle just to name a few

now you can turn the dial just here to

your preferred cycle then press the

start button and if you only need to

wash a small load of dishes then you can

use the half load function on selected

cycles this function decreases the

program duration and the consumption of

water and energy now two levels of

baskets inside the dishwasher will store

all of your dirty dishes with ease the

top basket up here is ideal for your

smaller items such as cups saucers and

glasses while the lower basket down here

is best suited for your larger plates

pots and pans now the upper basket can

also be adjusted to better accommodate

larger crockery in the lower basket both

baskets feature soft spikes to prevent

your glassware from falling over and

breaking during a wash cycle and the

lower basket down here also features a

removable cutlery basket the cold and

hot water connection helps to

efficiently deliver exceptional wash

results while the load sensing detects

the amount of dishes it contains and

adjusts its use of energy to wash more

efficiently you can save money on your

households water bill and enjoy the

impressive benefits of the 4.5 star

Welles water rating every time you wash

your dishes so if you're after a simple

yet efficient dishwasher then look no

further than this stylish freestanding

washer from dish legs and see for

yourself the beauty of simplicity thank

you so much for watching