How to use a diffuser for your Essential Oils

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this is Eva Marie I wanted to show you

another way of being able to use your

oils which is aromatically which means

in a diffuser and this is the petal

diffuser from doTERRA and all you do is

pour pour pour in some plain water just

up until that little red mark at the top

and then put a few drops of your

favorite Orioles in I'm using the lime

which is really zesty very uplifting

really clean fragrance and also Terra

shield which is a beautiful blend for

keeping away bugs than midges and

mozzies so brilliant for this time of

year when the doors or windows are open

it's a couple of drops in there put the

lid on and press the button the little

light comes on and you might be able to

see that coming out through the top it's

them a very effective way as I said for

using the oils so you can actually

breathe in the oil and it's around your

home into the air and it smells amazing