Diaper Genie how to use, follow up product review

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hey everybody its marked with daddy

Dixit doing a follow-up to the diaper

genie one of our viewers Carlos has

requested a complete demonstration of

putting a diaper in and then getting rid

of a full bag so just going to grab a

used diaper and then it's pretty simple

you just step on the foot pedal here

drop it in let go and then you do that a

bunch of times until it's full

okay I've already got this about half

full from over the weeks and stuff and

so hopefully you can see in here the the

semi fold bag of diapers and then what I

like to do is just to kind of compress

them to make the most out of the blue

bag that's possible to get this long

piece usable for the next round of

diapers and then this right here is just

a safe razor blade you just pull up on

and you can see it just cut the blue bag

alright and then again I just compress

this kind of give it a little spin

spinaroonie do a little knot all right

the bottom of this was already knotted

all not that one there get it ready for

the next batch but yeah so as you can

see no this is not it at the top knotted

originally at the bottom and then we

just chuck this in our regular household

trash alright finally what you're going

to do is you're going to pull the

remainder of this new blue bag - down to

again give yourself some room a little

tail - just tie it simple knot at the

very end of this but now this - this

blue bag is

wear diapers fall down into and you shut

it so they can fill this whole section

here up inside here is where there's a

double double clamshell thing that goes

on it's like two hinged plastic

clamshell things that when you drop it

in then let go the foot pedal it closes

and the diaper falls down through to the

next chamber so that's how it keeps the

odor to a minimum

probably the worst time of of the odor

is when you do what I just did there

which is you know taking them out and

tying the knot and squeezing out that

excess air so yeah that's the that's the

how-to on using the diaper genie I hope

that helped you Carlos and anyone else

that's viewing so again double thumbs up

on this daddy

digs it thanks for you and see ya