How to set up your De’Longhi dehumidifier

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this video has been created to help you

get started in setting up your DeLonghi

dehumidifier take care when removing the

unit from the box as the appliance is

quite heavy first check that the drain

hose and pump tuber in the box position

the appliance in the room or rooms to be

dehumidified a free space of at least

two feet around 24 inches must be left

at the front of the dehumidifier so as

not to block the air outlet for

efficient ventilation a space of about 2

to 4 inches 5 to 10 centimetres should

be left at the back of the appliance to

drain the water collected during the

dehumidification process you can either

use the built-in tank or use the drain

hose to continuously remove the water

when the tank is full indicated on the

machine remove and empty it into a sink

when finished replace it properly the

tank must be positioned properly for the

unit to function if you hear the

intermittent sound of the beep it means

the tank is not in the proper position

and you may see an error code if the

appliance is to be operated for long

periods but you are unable to empty the

tank regularly you are recommended to

use continuous draining locate the

continuous drain outlet and fit the

nozzle push a garden hose onto the

nozzle and lead to a floor level drain

make sure the end of the hose is no

higher than the spout or water could

remain in the tank make sure there are

no kinks in the hose do not dispose of

the rubber stopper as it is used to

close the spout on models with a pump

the system allows water removal of up to

13 feet or 4 meters in height if you

want the water to flow directly to a

drain connect the condensation discharge

tube supplied you will first need to

remove the stopper labeled pump select

the dehumidifier function and press the

pump button with the condensation

discharge hose missing

and the pump switched on the display

will show the symbol pump blinking to

eliminate this problem check the hoses

correctly positioned disconnect and

reconnect the plug ensure the tank is

emptied before storing away