How To Use the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

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hi welcome to my kitchen I know lots of

my friends and family are getting new

Cuisinart pressure cookers for Christmas

so I wanted to do to lid the video and

tell you how to use it first I'm going

to show you and take it apart the lid

comes off it has an insert okay you

always want to use the insert when your

purpose so you put the pot in and the

lid goes on top turn locks into place

and then you're going to use the dials

up front so the Menu button will give

you your selections it has a low

pressure a high pressure has browning

saute simmer and a keep warm setting so

just count that and then so we're going

to do some rise today so we would select

high pressure and our cook time maybe

three minutes not in past three three

minutes and then all you do is press the

start button

okay another thing I want to show you is

the lid okay you got to make sure that

you have your pressure valve in the

right position there's a pressure and

there's a pressure release spot so when

you want to release the pressure you'll

put it on that but when you're going to

cook you put it on the pressure dot okay

so we're going to do white rice it's a

cup and a quarter of rice

half a teaspoon of salt couple rice you

just want to stir that the year it's a

nonstick pot so use some utensils that

don't aren't going to scratch up your

pot so give that a stir and lock the lid

in place

dial and choose high pressure three

minutes cook time and press Start

okay our pressure cooker is reached

pressure you can see there's a little


coming up out of the valve makes just a

little bit of noise there's two kinds of

releases there's a fast pressure release

there's a natural pressure relief with

the rice we're going to let it pressure

release for five minutes so you just

turn it off when it's down beats and

then let the pressure come down you

could also just flip this valve on quick

cooking items like vegetables or what I

do my apples often times I'll just

release the pressure so you flip the

switch and let the pressure come out all

at once in it will make a big hissing

noise and might be scary at first and if

you're a little bit afraid of it you can

use some tongs to change the position of

the dial so it's come to pressure now

it's done cooking but we're going to let

it we're going to turn it off that's the

cancel key to turn it off we're just

going to let it sit for five minutes and

then we'll come back and I'll show you

how to release the pressure okay so we

waited seven minutes to let the rice

steamy now we're going to release any

remaining pressure so it has turn the

dial all the pressure has been released

the red bow has dropped so we can open

the lid and just tilt it away from this

only the steam come out wait okay rice

is cutting it out for and just flop it

up grab a bowl and dump it into a bowl

inner pot is going to be very hot so you

need to use

alright there's a nice so fluffy ready

to eat often they find give up make a

dish where I make the rise and then I

make a dish like our Thai chicken thighs

off and make that so make the rice first

and then I'll cover it with a foil and

to keep it warm because the rice stay

for a long time and then clean out my

pot and then use it again to make the

Thai chicken rice I also wanted to show

you today how to clean the lid the

insert the pot can go in the dishwasher

but you'll need to wash the lid by hand

so there's also this little cup that

collects any condensation where you can

wash that and then just in this room

take a dish cloth and wipe out any thing

that has dripped down there

this looks still kind of hot so I'll

just be a little careful I clean it but

this inner portion comes out so you're

going to need to wash that so just grab

this little knob and pull it straight

out okay and then you can pick up the

lid and the gasket come apart so we kept

those pieces to wash and then you also

have this little cap that fits over this

balance you wash and then you can take

off your regulator pressure regulator

and wash it too so just hand wash it off

by hand and then that's all there is to

it super simple and I hope you have as

much fun with us as ideas huh