How to load and fire a crossbow

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hello everyone in this video I'm going

to be teaching you know how the prep

load and fire a crossbow

all this basically is is that you have

to put lube on your rails and your

string so it has a better flight and

that's what this basically is you just

you just put the lube on the rail just

like this and you put a little bit on

the string it's kind of like looping a

mambo but it's just more work and you

have to put a little bit more loop and

unlike with bows where you can just loop

it once and you're pretty much done with

this you have to like put the lube on

every three shots or every five shots

with me I put this up put the lube on

every five shots so that's just pretty

much prepping this same to fire


now that we're done prepping the

crossbow now let me teach you a load so

first thing I need to do with my lease

is I gotta take this feature off and the

second thing I do is I take the crossbow

and there's a little bar right there

that you can see and that goes your foot

goes into that and you should be in this

step right here once you are in this

step you grab these and and you see a

little groove right here what you do is

then you put that groove right here

which will help you pull this thing back

and then you grab the hooks and you hook

them right here so let me just do that

real quick and I'll show you the final

results here's what it should look like

the two hooks should be right there

while the string is running along the

crossbow into this groove if the string

is not in this group you're not gonna be

able to pull this back let me show you

an example so this is an example of what

happens when you don't put the string

into this groove right here even though

I'm doing this with one hand you're

still gonna get the same result with two

hands it's basically that what just

happens that's what's going to happen

and I should hurry up so that's better

but basically that will just happen to

your crossbow which does do damage to

the string it'll cause stress to it

which is really bad for your crossbow

and it will cost a lot of money to

prepare it so again this is the correct

way how to put these strings on is that

the hooks are right here they run along

the crossbow and into this groove once

you're in this you can finally pull back

the string which I can't do with just

one hand so just give me a second now my

string is pulled back and when you pull

back the string you can stop when you

hear a click which is this basically the

string locking onto the mechanism and

now you can load in your bolt a thing I

forgot to mention

when you pull the string back and it

locks into the mechanism it

automatically goes into safe mode now

let me teach you how to load it just

like with an arrow in the bow there's an

odd feather and if you can see there's a

groove in the crossbow and that is for

the odd feather so what you do is you

put the odd feather and any go all the

way back into the crossbow until you

can't hold it back any further so now

it's locked and loaded firing this thing

is just like firing a gun you just take

it out of the safety and then you just

save and you shoot