How to Use a Crockpot

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hey everyone I'm Judith Jones food and

travel editor of the gourmet Travel

Easter and today I'm going to be showing

you how to use a slow cooker so this my

friends is a slow cooker or also known

as a crock pot now the main reason we

have a slow cooker is because it cooks

food at a low steady heat between around

170 degrees Fahrenheit to 280 degrees

Fahrenheit now this is an essential

time-saving appliance to have in your

kitchen and it's great for beginners

because essentially all you need to do

is put your food in there go to work

come back and you have a great stew you

or a great pot roast and it's all done

so a slow cooker usually comes with two

temperatures a high temperature and a

low temperature so if you press once

we've got four hours six hours and

that's our high heat and then we'll go

through and we can cook it on a low heat

for 8 hours or 10 hours it also has a

great appliance where you can put it on

warm and that'll keep our food warm

which is great when you have parties and

you don't want to eat everything at the

same time and it keeps the food warm

throughout the night so a few little

tips when using your slow cooker at

first of all if you're using meat

sometimes it's better to actually brown

the meat beforehand if you want to rich

your flavor that's a really good thing

to jail so when you're adapting recipes

and from other methods of cooking be

aware of how much liquid you put in

obviously the liquid in a slow cooker

doesn't cook off usually you can reduce

the liquid to as much as half and that

will help it in the slow cooker and that

what's the same when you're using wine

because the wine usually cooks off when

you're using other methods of cooking so

it's a great handy appliance to have in

your kitchen you know you can do a lot

of great pot roast use it's wonderful

and depth very simple to use so that's

how you use a slow cooker

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