Basic wine opener - How to open a standard wine bottle

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most beverages are easy to open

however opening the average wine bottle

requires skill and some specialized

equipment to start you'll need a wine

bottle with a cork in it next you'll

need a corkscrew there are many

different types including the two armed

bandit although it's popular this

handsome model is bulky and prone to

failure so it's not our favorite then

there's the rabbit and the screw pole

but let's focus on the go-to opener for

people in the wine business the

traditional waiter's corkscrew or wine

key check it out it's got a blade a two

notch lever and a screw that is smooth

and helix shaped first you need to deal

with the capsule open the blade and hold

the corkscrew in your dominant hand use

the blade to cut around the capsule the

lip is your guide then lift off the top

make sure to close the blade as soon as

you're done with it if the capsule is

loose or torn remove the whole thing


next open the lever and the screw hold

the bottle in your non-dominant hand

with your other hand insert the tip of

the screw into the cork near the center

rotate the screw down into the cork

until a single spiral loop shows at the

top rest the levers first notch on the

lip and hold the lever flat against the

bottle so it doesn't slide gently but

firmly lift the end of the wine key

using lever action to get the cork

moving then use the notch at the end of

the lever to ease the cork out of the

bottle sometimes the court doesn't

emerge completely you may need to grasp

the cork with your hand to wiggle it up

and out we suggest that you grab a wine

key in practice once you've perfected

pulling a cork while resting the bottle

on a flat surface you're ready to try

the waiters pull opening the bottle in