How To Cook using a Convection Oven

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chef Marc Alex hi everyone this is chef

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questions I had somebody set in a great

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it says I have a very small convection

oven it came new with absolutely no

directions on how to operate it I never

know how long to cook a recipe or what

temp to use could you help me thank you

I'm happy to help so oftentimes these

smaller ovens are a combination of it so

they do a couple of things they're a

microwave as well as an oven and the

benefit to that is because they have a

smaller cavity they heat up really

really quickly oftentimes some of the

ones like this profile GE Profile oven

you don't have to preheat at all a

larger oven like this it's also a

convection oven and it's about double

the size so you're definitely going to

want to preheat this fourth cooking

times and temperatures with convection

typically you want to reduce your oven

temperature by about twenty five degrees

to keep your cooking times consistent to

what a recipe might say however modern

convection ovens they typically do that

for you so if you set it at 350

convection and of course convection is a

fan that's circulating air and reduces

hot spots you're actually reducing the

oven temperature automatically to about

325 so your standard cooking times will

hold true what I do is I put everything

on 375 convection and then I adjust my

cooking times remember time is the worst

indicator of doneness so I often times

hear people say well I cook my steak for

four minutes on one side then three

minutes on the other side and there's so

many variables there how hot your pan

might be how what kind of oil you using

what kind of steak how much marbling it

has how warm it was we went before it

went into the pan and I think the same

is true when you're using an oven as

well there's so many variables I my

trouthe potatoes all the time but the

potatoes might have more moisture

content maybe I have more seasoning and

oil on them before I add them into my

oven maybe my oven was preheated more so

what I like to do is choose a time or

choose a temperature 375 and I choose a

setting convection

and I cook everything on that and I just

my time like this let's say it said 45

minutes for roasted potatoes I set my

time for about my timer for about half

the amount of time so maybe 25 maybe

even 30 minutes and then I check it no

look I'm like are those done how do I

know when they're done with their

golden-brown delicious GBD and if they

need a little bit more time I set it for

half the amount of time that I think

they're gonna cook so let's say Oh about

15 minutes more set it for seven minutes

then I check them and then I said them

for four minutes then just kind of keep

track and then I write in their

convection 375 and you know what they

actually took 38 minutes instead of 45

minutes having your recipes cook faster

it's definitely a benefit of convection

and I understand for some people that

can be a little tricky because they're

used to having recipes be really really

standard but remember recipes are just a

guideline so Mildred I hope that answers

your question without knowing exactly

what appliances you have you know this

is really the best I can do if are

speculating which piece of equipment you

have and as far as how it operates you

know they all pretty much are very very

similar on and off convection bake and I

prefer a convection bake over convection

roast it's a little bit more consistent

less browning typically and then just

set the temperature and hit start I

think that's going to help you out so

anyway thanks for the questions you can

send your questions to dial chef Mark at and I'll make sure I make it

you the answers in video form thanks for

tuning in