Combination Lock Tutorial

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hi everyone its mr. Mulhern the locker

person at west granny intermediate this

is an example of the lock that's going

to be on your locker notice how it's on

zero the indicator is right here at that

topic that's that little line this is

the combination for this lock it's right

left right and it's right 21 left 34 and

then right 12 so if you can remember

it's always right left right

you'll be fine this is going to take

some practice but everybody figures it

out pretty quickly so I'm going to walk

you through exactly how you do it if you

can watch the dial I'll point out one

important thing that you have to know so

that you get it right each time so it

started at 0 I'm going to I always start

by spinning it a few times I'm spinning

it right and my first number is 21 so

I'll put the indicator line on 21 line

it right up that's 21 right there and

then I'm going to the next number says

its left right left 34 but I can't go

directly to 34 I have to pass out my

first number I have to pass 21 while I'm

going left before I hit 34 so I'm going

to go left I'm spinning left I'm

spinning the left I'm going to pass 21

there goes 21 my first number still

going left and I'm gonna stop at my 34

and that's 34 right there and now my

last number is 12 and I go right to 12 I

don't have to pass anything just go

directly to 12 I stopped on 12 give it a

Yank and there you see it's open so

it'll take some practice if you can

remember to pass your first number

before you go to your second number

that's usually the problem that jams

everybody up at the beginning of the

year but good luck if you have any

problems contact me mr. mole turn and

there's usually some teachers in the

locker hallways for the first few days

of school to help everybody get through

it good luck have a great year