How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

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would you love to make a perfect cup of

coffee at home all it takes is four

simple steps to brew a delicious cup

anytime first choose your coffee look

for that classic red canister a Folgers

coffee with the snap tight lid designed

to seal in freshness and aroma the type

of roast is up to you if you like a mild

coffee go with Breakfast Blend

for a more traditional medium coffee go

with Folgers classic roast or if you

prefer strong bold flavors try French

roast or black silk it's a great

substitute for espresso the foundation

of many specialty coffee drinks next

fill the carafe with cold water to your

desired capacity the quality of water is

key to a good cup of coffee

use fresh filtered water if you can pour

the water in the reservoir and return

the carafe to the heating plate now

measure your coffee add the desired

amount of coffee to the filter use one

tablespoon of ground coffee per 5 to 6

fluid ounces of cold water for regular

coffee or 2 tablespoons per 5 to 6 fluid

ounces for strong coffee close the lid

and turn the coffeemaker on now all you

have to do is sit back and wait for the

perfect home brewed coffee once it's

ready pour yourself a cup and store the

rest in a coffee carafe to keep it fresh

so just to recap here are the four easy

steps to brewing your own grey coffee

select your coffee add water measure

your coffee brew and enjoy