How To Operate An Espresso Machine

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hey everybody it's not any chances I

will show you how to operate an espresso

machine let's get straight into it so

basically we've got a two group machine

here so the groups are based on how many

places the handle can go so basically

you can make up to four coffees at one

and we've got a hot water spout here

which is for the tea

now I'll give you a quick introduction

onto the bottom see are now being a

digital machine it's going to be

completely programmable the way it's

program right now this bottom here will

do a single shot espresso this will do a

double this will do two espressos this

column here is not to continuous hot

water this one could be perfect or what

if you like and that's for just hot

water for tea and of course here is a

month of the spin now all the special

machines will have a gauge down here

will even be analog or digital generally

the high-end ones are all analog now

basically what we have here on the right

is a water pressure so that should

always be in the center dollar just

determined expense enough water pressure

my brother left here is a stain pressure

so you always want that in the middle as

well now espresso machines have a multi

that you turn the power on obviously

zero is off number one basically terms

the machine on but it doesn't heat up

and number two is thoughts it hates up

matter all its other light whether it's

red or green which will indicate if it's

armed and other times it will usually be

another life when this is automated

heating up when it turns off it's ready

to go and this which is just on manual

mode so in the event that the digital

controllers don't work you can use that

switch to manually make the espresso

after handles themselves you'll have

what's called this one which is about a

double grip handle and the one with the

single spat is a single grip handle now

do bear in mind the single one will have

a smaller Bhaskar

compared to the double spout the way

these handles work is you slide them in

and then you turn it until it locks

this will pressurize it and that's what

makes this press to come out that it

needs to be fired in some cases the

washers do deteriorate so I usually get

them to change one to here and that

usually stops everything from out now

other sisters we have is a coffee temple

so once you put our coffee brown in

there we use this to push it down and

another accessory is what we call a

blind filter basically this has no holes

in it so at the end of the day to take

the basket off

place the blind field career you put

this in and run the water through it

this is what washes out the actual group

so that needs to be done every day at

least if you're doing a lot of coffees

are obviously need to go more often and

what we have here is a grinder now

ensure your coffee ground is always full

when you are in service and also ensure

at the end of the right it's empty

because the coffee will start to go

stable so really ever put in the right

enough of beans they actually mean as

you can see I've really filled it up

about 30 percent of the way here and

I'll fill that up as I'm either don't

ever just fill it up if you're not going

to use it so your results are actually

making the espresso we'll use our single

group handle place it underneath the

hopper on the rack and we're going to

click the grounder twice and then I give

the right amount of coffee

now this grinders do have this camper on

them as well but I prefer not to use

those as they sometimes go crooked so

what we'll do is we'll use our coffee

tampon just press down like that marking

on the side press down again it should

be so tight that when you flip it over

nothing comes out

now in the event that we're using our

double handle obviously these things

were coffee once again place it on the

hop on this one will click three times

lots of once again we'll counter it down

just like them check that it's phone and

we're ready to go

so that's considering that your machine

is hot enough and place our handle

straight in make sure it's locked and

plate the top underneath and obviously

in this case it's legal so press a

single bottom

and the crystal will stuff to come out

and that's what shows espresso right the

straightaway pick out the grime and take

it out like that

now without a double grip handle and

place it in now this can be used to make

two coffees or you can just place one

cup and make it extra strong place them

on the need we'll put the two coffees

lot of news 5

so as you can see we have three

beautiful espressos right there now on

the book obviously yes all that prickly

but because I'm showing you guys it's


so I'll steam rompió never touch it when

it's hot because it does get quite hot

if you're making coffee for the first

time since you turn the machine on you

need to turn the steam warm for about

ten seconds let all that excess stain

and more water come out we will go our

milk jug I will fill it up with cold


now I'll never ever feel more than

halfway because if he gets too frothy

it's going to start to overflow and in

some cases like it's happened to me it

will burn you so don't take that is take

your time use a bigger job if you have

to so it's actually for a farmer we'll

get our jug we'll put our steam running

slide we just want this part here to go

into the actual milk just like so and

we'll turn our steamer on all the way to

the end not half way all the end just

like that now if you're making a frothy

milk you want to ensure to constantly

make that noise that's what frost if you

are a less frothy milk just hold it in

one place and keep it there in this case

we'll do cappuccino I never use a form I

will not use my hand just keep customer

slides if you have to no longer stay

there you're at the right temperature

that's surprising in our life this is

all the professional clothes were right

there I think you'd see that's how much

the look is frost I'll always want to

stay one

so what we'll do is we'll just swirl it

around if you bangs on a hard surface

like that they get rid of all the air

bubbles now for a cappuccino all we do

is pour around from the bottom like that

I let all that froth just come out there

we go we'll do it again slap up

another all the frock is out the milk in

there is quite flat so to make the flat

line we'll pour it straight from the

fold just like that

and always be free cappuccino when a

chocolate on that but the flat white

stays up in because that's all there is

cool so I'm just assure you have four

feet is let's look at our and obviously

with our fart like that has less frost

you should only have a bunch of froth

like that no more

so that's all there is to it it only

took me about two hours just to a

completely learn how to use an espresso

machine and everything else it comes

with practice

so eventually consulting the panorama

copies and everything else free hand

sets world of patience II want to get

the hang of at the first time and that's

it just keep practicing I hope you liked

that guys please like and subscribe if

any comments or suggestions just leave

them at the bottom and I'll see you all

next time