A Beginners Guide to Using a Charcoal Grill

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this is a beginner's guide to using a

charcoal grill I'd like to thank you for

checking out my channel and make sure

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thumbs up if you liked it the grill that

I'm using in this video was a weber 22

inch kettle this grill basically sets

the standard for all other charcoal

kettles out there my grill has a hinged

rate that allows you to add charcoal to

either side during the cooking process

without having to remove the food this

is handy during a longer cook now this

is the charcoal grate this is where your

pull your hot coals and where they'll be

during the cooking process now this part

is called the damper and it's uses to

help regulate the air flow into the

bottom of the grill that and that's what

you used to help control the temperature

the damper on these rebels reels also

serves a dual purpose by opening and

closing it using the lever on the

outside you can knock the loose ashes

and the bottom of the grill through the

hose the top Li it also has a vent that

you can open and close and use a

conjunction with the damper to control

the air flow and the temperature of the

grill now I'm going to show you a couple

of different options that you have when

choosing charcoal the first type of

charcoal that I'll show you is a natural

lump charcoal this one has no additives

and as you can see there's no

consistencies in the sizes they're all

different this taco heats up really fast

and get screaming hot but it doesn't

last as long as the briquettes that I'll

show you next

and this bike is the King's for the

regional briquettes this type of

charcoal is more uniform in size and

shape and is generally a better charcoal

when you're cooking something that takes

maybe a few hours wood chips are

optional you can use these or you can

use wood chunks to add smoky flavor


now it's time to talk accessories this

is a charcoal chimney and this is what

you're used to get your coal started you

can use lighter fluid or you can even

buy the type of charcoal that's already

soaked in fluid but I recommend using

one of these chimneys and just a couple

pieces of newspapers you'll need a good

brush with some good stiff wires on it

to clean the grate before every use

you'll also need some good cooking

utensils I recommend a good pair of

tongs a good spatula with a long handle

an instant-read thermometer this is

essential especially when larger cuts of

meat making sure that you get to the

right temperature also handy is an oven

thermometer you can put this on the

grate next to your food lastly a pastry

brush or a silicone one like this to mop

your meat with to start your charcoal

simply place your chimney on the

charcoal grate inside your grill and

walled up two or three pieces of

newspaper and insert those into the

bottom of the charcoal chimney


the next step is to fill the chimney

with the type of charcoal that you'll be

using good general rule for most cooks

is to fill it about 3/4 of the way full


once you've got the chimney pool you'll

want to light the newspapers in the

bottom and this week not your coats


you'll want to give the Tarko about 15

or 20 minutes and once it's asked over

you're ready to pour it on the great now

you'll notice that I poured the coals on

one side of the grill this is called a 2

zone fire and this is what you'll want

to use most of the time when you want to

see your food and cook it at a higher

temperature you'll place it directly

over the coals when a recipe calls for

indirect cooking or you just need a safe

zone to get away from flare-ups and the

high temperature you'll place your food

on the side opposite of the hot coals

now put your cooking grate back on the

grill and place the lid on the top with

the vent open give it about 4 or 5

minutes and lift where real heat up to

at least 400 degrees and you'll want to

take your grill brush and clean the

grade out by allowing the temperature to

get so high you'll kill any kind of

germs or contaminants that may be on the

grill all right now the grill is hot and

the grate is clean and it's ready to put

your food on it thanks again for

checking out this video I hope you

enjoyed it and learn something and be

sure to subscribe to my channel so you

can catch other videos thank you