How to use a portable cassette player in 2020

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it's easy to understand why you might be new to cassette Walkmans in the year

2019. You might have ordered one online out of curiosity but have no idea how to

use it or maybe you found one at a long since out-of-service bus depot, along

with a few tapes and you think you might know how to use it, but you just want to

make sure you're an expert right off the bat and once you get this all figured

out you'll be lightyears ahead of all the other people that are fiddling with

their cell phones to listen to music streaming services on their slow

internet connection that keeps cutting out. So you got your Walkman, most the

ones you find should have a few old skateboard stickers on it. As you can see

a big feature on this one is it has an anti rolling mechanism. You might gasp

your breath at first reading "anti rolling" thinking that it means this unit

will only rock and not rock and roll but don't worry the anti rolling mechanism

helps prevent from having undesirable hiccups in the tapes playback speed that

could be otherwise occurring when your Walkman is bouncing around while you're

waterskiing and listening to a book on tape

you'll notice this Walkman also has an am/fm radio the Walkman should already

be switched to tape when not in use because that also means it's turned off

from radio playback. So let's pop some new batteries in there get your

headphones maybe you like little earbuds or you prefer some nice classic red

headphones and of course get something to listen to any Bryan Adams tape will

do, take out that tape open the Walkman some might have a button release or if

it's like this style it will have a nice comfortable tab where you can pull it

open from figure out which side of the tape you want to listen to if all the

tape is reeled to the left side that means that side is rewound and ready to go

put it in with the side you want to hear facing up towards the inside of the lid

slide it in just like this, let the tape meet the tape head, plug in those

headphones where you see the little headphone symbol. Hit play and start

listening... wanna go back? hit stop

then the rewind reverse button that's the double arrow that goes the opposite

direction is play and similar deal if you want to skip ahead hit stop then

fast forward which is this one want to crank up the volume? just roll up to that

volume dial this rising line indicates the rise in volume so roll that way if

your Walkman is like mine and doesn't have a belt clip that's no problem it'll

fit in the back pocket of your jeans whether you do this step before or after

putting on your pants is up to you. Try listening to that radio now so stop your

tape and hey if you want to make your Walkman lighter to carry you can take

that tape out now to hit that switch from tape to radio, decide whether you

want a AM or FM over here, then use this tuning dial and find your station

watching the marker move along here. Alright that was the basics now a few

advanced things and some tips and tricks your Walkman might have this switch here

what on earth is DX norm local CRO Two Slash Metal? well this has two functions

when listening to the radio you're switching between DX and local it

changes the radio sensitivity DX picks up all the radio signals it can reach

where local will just pick up the strong signals so maybe there's a little radio

station directly across the street from your house but you find some of those

big city stations cut into your local frequencies. Hit this switch to local and

you'll hear the local guys better simple as that when you're playing a tape this

switch is more to do with sound equalizers to accommodate different

types of tapes most of my tapes are typed 2 which is the CRO 2 option but

anyways there's certainly a deep rabbit hole you can go down reading into that

stuff all I know is that when I actually switch this to the left side here I

really start to hear Brian Adams play his electric guitar in rich beautiful

sound waves that soar triumphantly to my eardrums. We all know batteries can run

out now say unless to heaven by Bryan Adams and my battery

dies just as the guitar solo is wrapping up and I know there's that one

last soft rockin' chorus to come. Well sometimes you can get a little luck with

this trick pop out the batteries flip them around and put them back in you

might get that last little bit of juice out of them to get you through the last

30 seconds of the tune won't always work but man it's worth the effort when it

does in that same situation you might have another option if your Walkman has

an AC or DC adapter plug well you just hurry on home to your adapter plug into

the wall outlet and keep Rocking and lastly if you think you are going to be

putting your Walkman into a drawer never to be touched for another 10 years

which I would assume is only because you've dedicated that Walkman to become

your backup Walkman to a newly acquired primary walkman take the batteries out

so they don't corrode over time so there you go you're all set if you're

interested in learning a way to get your tapes rewound without having to use any

battery life I've got another video for you over here or down in the description