How To Work A Retail Cash Register Cashier Training Tutorial

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this video from sharp out we're going to

give a brief introduction to how you use

the cash register so in this video we've

got the XE a pro several model as I've

demonstration model but really you can

use this video for any cash register the

principles are the same first key things

to be aware of are what mode you're in

on the register so on an old-fashioned

till you have a key lock where you could

turn from one mode to another on this

machine you have a mode button and

there's loads of different modes you can

have a void mo report mode program mode

so on and so on 99 times out of 100

you'll need to be in the register mode

or are eg on this model you can tell

you're in the correct mode because it

says R eg there on a mote on a till with

the key lock the key would be in the red

position and it may also say reg on the

display the next thing to make sure

obvious that you logged in and on this

machine the giveaway is that it says 0 1

there so the clerk is logged in so

you're basically ready to put for a

transaction on a retail cash register so

we would call as cash mister dealers

we've already raised keyboard machines

so this has a raised keyboard rather

than a flat keyboard we put these retail

machines black keyboard machines

generally Hospitality pups and then

touch green machines they're a little

bit easier to use because once you've

logged in we've got to do is press the

button and it comes with a price and the

products a retail machine will generally

involve you typing in the price unless

it comes with a barcode scanner I'll see

if it's barcode scanning and it's a lot

easy you simply take the scanner bring

the barcode to the scanner and it will

come up with the product price because

that's all been pre-programmed into the

register if you're entering the price

the big the biggest single lesson is not

to enter the decimal point when you type

in the price so if you wanted to sell

$9.99 for ed departments you literally

type at 999

and then hit the appropriate Department

but on the tills are like calculators in

sense they know that 999 means 9.99 so

you don't have to press the decimal

point entry that is probably not been

working supporting cash registers

program and cash registers 20 odd years

if I take 100 calls a week I probably

say that 50 of them involves someone

pressing a decimal point button in the

Reg mode when they're trying to process

a transaction so you can type in 9.99

instinctively understand why people do

it but there's no need to the till does

that for you automatically

okay so back to our sale all you keep

doing is typing in the price and then

hitting the appropriate department kiosk

see the Machine you're using will

probably have these buttons personalized

so the bit will save read on them you

may have the odd pre-programmed button

so if you have a pre-programmed


lottery tickets here you simply press

the button and it comes up with a price

and the description as standard a bit

like a Rita hospitality purple cafe 2

would work so the preset buttons work

the same way the barcode scanners you

just have to press the burn or scan the

barcode like we did before

so all those principles apply to any

sale on our cash register once you've

entered all the items you'll have a

subtotal button the button will be

called different things on different

registers st on some this one because it

got multiple functions it's hashed EMST

others will say subtotal but they're

generally on most machines that I'm

familiar with the subtotal button is

always over on the bottom right hand

side of the keyboard very close to the

cashing off button and then well now

once you press subtotal obviously you've

got a way to see how the customers going

to pay it's getting easier these days

because a lot of people obviously moving

over to car payments so a car payment is

so much more easy because there's no

change to think about the car driver

going through or won't go for

once the payments gone through them the

cart machine all you need to do is hit

whichever tender Berlin is the cards now

your manager would explains how to do

this and which button it is on this

particular machine you've got three

tender buttons on other machines you

might have more you might have less but

you always have a cash button which on

this machine is here and a credit button

which is we could use even one of these

on this machines depends how it been

programs so you would catch the you

would press the button hook up all the

car payments you would need to take the

credit card slip and put it into the

register drawer when it opens and you

may have a receipt printout and not how

the Machine set up which you'll see then

and the handover to the customer and

that's the transaction do it very

slightly for cash payments so if we ring

through another sale again subtotal once

you've entered the items into the

department so we've got 398 total if the

customer paid for cash and hands over a

ten pound note it's best practice I

believe to type in the money tendered

and I'll explain why shortly so if we

type in one zero

double zero again notice that I didn't

press decimal points and then hit the

cash button on the register on this

machine it's over here

so you've got the reason why I typed the

amount of money tendered in is because

it says up there cash handed over ten

pounds change six pound to P and on this

machine it may not be the same on every

register it also shows the change on

there so the reason why that's important

if I take a I'm working in the shop and

someone hands over a ten pound note to

pay with you'll often see an experienced

retailer or shopkeeper when they take

the money they'll leave the money the

ten pound note out I've run the register

or on top of the drawer they won't put

it away till they're discounted out of

change this is for the same reason you

don't want an awkward situation where

the customer says handed you a 20 and

then you

to dispute that with them that it's

better if you've got the money still out

and also it does help I mean it doesn't

prove that you've taken a ten pound note

or a 20 pound know if it's written there

you could have typed it it wrong but

it's a wide meaning you would also your

reassurance and then if you have to get

the manager involved you can say we'll

look this is the money you're taking and

you can see that I've typed it in on

there so okay so that's how to put

through a sale on any cash register

operation will vary slightly from one

machine to another but it's no need to

be concerned about when you start the

job you'll get given full training I'm

sure a lot of registers although they'll

vary from machine to machine and also

how they're doing programs little quirks

about how they work but essentially the

key principles are make sure the

machines in the reg mode make sure

you're logged in if you're entering

prices if it's not a preset price

machine you won't need to type in the

decimal points always finish with

subtotal make sure you know which method

of payment you need to be pressing when

this sales finished and then if you're

taking cash payments I'd always

recommend typing in the money tendered

for the reasons explained we're going to

have a videos on specific models but

also showing you how to do voids refunds

and any day reports on any cash register

so you welcome to watch those you can

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care for more thanks for watching