Long Nail Hacks

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hey YouTube this is Dominique and

welcome back to my youtube channel for


today's video I'm actually going to be

telling you some tips and tricks on how

to function with long nails now I have

been getting my nails done for years and

I just I just like long nails like they

give me energy they make me happy and

they're just awesome

I'm going to go ahead and go over some

tips and tricks on how to function with

long nails I have long nails I've gotten

them longer than this before but I

almost decapitated myself putting my

hair up so I opted a little bit shorter

now it is not that hard it's not as hard

as it seems and when you just think

about it use a little bit of creativity

with the way that you do things you will

be able to figure things out and you'll

get used to it sooner than later first

things first

when you're trying to scoop out product

from anything whether it's hair gel or

face cream I don't have anything like a

good example to show you so I'm just

going to like demonstrate on here don't

scoop it like this because you're going

to get product all underneath your nail

and that's just the most irritating

thing ever because you can use your

finger as a backward scoop like that

because then you can have it on the top

part it's not stuck all underneath your

nail and you can just get it onto your

finger from there and then continue

doing what you're doing go about your

business and you don't have a bunch of

stuff stuff in it as you know the next

tip that I have for you guys is use them

for deep conditioning your scalp you

would not believe how good of a massage

you can give yourself with fake nails

it's ridiculously a deep conditioner go

like this in the shower and really

massage it in there and it feels amazing

do it to yourself

and you will see exactly what I'm

talking about and you'll actually see

your hair start to grow

a third thing someone tell you is change

on a counter forget it next when you are

at the ATM and you need to insert your

card and you need to pull it back out

but your nails are too long so kind of

blocks and you can't get it out use your

knuckles don't go like this not going to

work okay go like this

now I also get so many questions on no

because I use the pad of my finger to

type I don't go like this and type okay

I don't like this and type and the

bladder the keyboards are better now

this is a question that I get a lot

because I used to wear contacts I don't

anymore because I got LASIK but how do

you take out your contacts and how do

you put them in what not putting them in

is easy because you just put it on a

little part of your finger and just Boop

it's in there but taking them out is

actually so much easier than you guys

would thinking I'm going to get closer

so you can see what I'm doing here when

you are going to go take out your

contacts go like this press on your eye

and swipe down it comes right out either

that or it folds up right on your bottom

lashline and you can easily take it off

from there it is so easy next you guys

this is no stupid but you don't have to

worry about picking up hot food because

your nails are like a barrier between

the hot nugget and your fingers


now how do you open a soda you can't

open a soda with nails you don't know

ease your nail guys unless you want this

to rip off and become a bloody mess use

the edge of your finger P okay we kind

of showed you as best as I can okay let

me do it see this use the edge of your

finger and pull up and then go like this

and you can't get open also they can be

used for self defense because when you

first get your nails done you will find

this out they are sharp as hair they

won't cut through your clothes unless

you have some like bust if it's it they

get sharp so somebody's coming at you

the wrong way you have weapons another

question that I get asked a lot is how

do you wipe your ass and you know I like

Charmin okay guys so I hope you enjoyed

my video on how I function with long

nails and one other important thing that

I did not mention in the video yet is

find a really good nail tech because you

have good nail techs and you have had

nail techs and I've been going to the

same girl for a couple years hey Nikki

but she is awesome

I have been going to her because when

you find a good nail technician you

don't want to leave that nail tech trust

me you'll find out when you find a good

one and you'll know exactly what I'm

talking about but again thank you so

much for watching that video I hope you

enjoyed it and until next time bye guys