What It’s Like Working At Wendy’s! // Scared of Cash Register!?!?

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hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't been

here in so long I've just been doing a

lot of school and I'm on Christmas break

now so I decided like why not now it's

to make a video just like this time so

today I'm just gonna talk about Wendy's

like my job like how I got the job and

stuff and how she is and basically you

would tell by the title and so the first

thing I did was I narrow down like the

jobs that I wanted to do so that's the

first thing and this Josh I limited

wherever you wherever you're at don't

you know

so I narrow down like the jobs I want to

go to like okay this job is a no because

this is they may stay up here just jobs

yes because it's clean or I really just

like a little list of like what I

thought was best

so I narrow down until I can't see pop

is Wendy's like those wasn't want jobs

that I kind of like was like okay I like

to shop and so I applied for KFC and

they were like um the list is back so

they were veg to just saying you know

they couldn't get me here right now but

maybe summer and I need a job now I need

this job

well I didn't need a job I just really

was eager to get one I really wanted the

job at that point and then so then um

call Wendy's and Wendy's was like it may

be a few weeks I'll call back and the

thing about a job is call call call if

you want a job they want to kind of see

that you want the job they don't want to

just give a job to somebody that's not

gonna call in and check on their

application or not gonna see the job get

the application or they wanna they want

a employee that's gonna be

and that's gonna just call and I'm not

saying just harass them but I call a

good many times I lose called two or

three times a day just to talk to them

and I just want to make sure that you

really want this job that you're gonna

fight for this job and so I went to UM I

went to the interview and the interview

is really short you know a lot of times

if Wendy's give you and that's the thing

about Wendy's or any job if a job calls

you and gives you an interview you've

got through one of the biggest parts of

getting the job usually I get back

interview and they're just actual like

questions about saying what are you

doing this scenario or at different

things like the job so I finally got the

job after a while and Wendy's into three

days three pay days of training and what

you're doing those days like know that

three is more than three but you you're

gonna be in the office for three main

days at least at my Wendy's and what

they do is they put us in the hall they

put me in the office if they hire you

that just put you in the office and

they'll just tell you how close this

video when you go to the video you're

psycho test on this video and you have

to at least make like an 80 out of 100

on the videos and if when you when

you're not working and you're just

having to do videos you take that you

don't take that for granted like you

you're literally like I'm ready to work

like because you're ready to get a job

you're ready to work and when I see you

I wish I could go into those three

little days or the third four days that

I just got to be free and I have to do

work I get paid for free almost and

so the manager like sometimes when a

manager hires you like one of job hires

you a lot of times they'll ask you what

do you look forward to doing in a job or

they like shoot or they'll help just a

job for you

luckily when I got the job she had a

opening for anything

so I had a cousin she was like what did

I want to do a lot of times it's that's

not the case a lot of times the Casey is

I only need people that can make

sandwiches for me I only need people

that can be a catcher for me I guess

like a lot of times and I was looking up

to have opportunity to start working

there when she had opening for anything

by about anything

and so I was the cashier and I was

nervous because I didn't feel like I was

like gonna be as good it's like counting

money or I thought I just wasn't gonna

be good at the math part and all that so

get all that when those three days three

four days the first per day just an

office and that's those days you're like

very eager to start the job and it seems

boring just to take this but you'll wish

you could go back to it later and so

after little days like on your last few

little videos you're like rushing you're

brushing because it's just like you're

sick of taking videos and you're gonna

try like um pass them and everything and

so every day my videos she gave me my

outfit and I was so happy I tried my

outfit I was happy because it was like

my first time giving out food yeah

and so when I got the outfit I like

watch the video home cashier and the

thing like a she is it's not hard like

and first when I first restrained and we

need at our Wendy's the cashier has to

do um dishes and you have to do the

window and it's it can be hard to manage

but once you learn it's easy to do

because at first I used to like oh I

can't do it can't do it can't do it and

people have to help me but now I can

manage to do both at one time because

I'm used to and I did it better

so yeah and so like when I first started

everybody yells cuz I mean they've been

there longer they knew how to do things

faster like like I'll be over there I

type in in like the order and they could

go like this and I was still like and

actually the register it gives you ie

the right amount of change and it like

it tells you the right a might change to

give so if anybody's ever worried about

the math part or any of that you can

just do that on the I mean you don't

really have to do math because the

registers I technologies like how

technology is just tell you everything

and I didn't think I could do it but I

got a lot the good thing about my windy

is it's not messy or it's a really good

job at my at least it's a really good

job because my everybody was welcoming I

came in and I've heard things about jaws

before and I didn't come in I came in

thinking okay it's gonna be you know

they're gonna talk about me like I was

new but they don't talk about you or

anything I mean every said mind it was

welcoming and really fun and I had a lot

of people that helped me do like

different little things and after that I

mean I got it so after all the training

that's the training I gotta get your

work shoes you need to get work shoes

because the work shoes are very critical


okay the prices are very like demanding

to get because if you don't have work

shoes you were right your neck like

you'll be sliding over the floor that I

were like some Nikes I wanted some Nikes

and it was one of the worst things ever

because I was like slipping and sliding

and when that when your manager like

tells you like okay

you're gonna be like working pretty so

like when your manager tells you that

you've done at home so I was gonna train

you to work in this position it's so

happy like it is so happy and like you

get so happy because you have a job in a

job he should use kind of like manage

money and do many things and the one

thing like why I got a job was because

first it's nice to have your home in a

nice not to have to ask all the time

just have your own money and also it's

nice to just be able to go somewhere and

say you have a job and I guess it's cool

or something but that was my experience

and I'm still a twenty to this day

well yeah upset when is this day and I'm

very comfortable and yeah when is really

a job now one thing about a job if you

are any like sports or extracurricular

activities make sure you find a job that

will suit you with that and I mean why

that is when you apply for a job and

they call you him to be higher woulda

they call you for an interview make sure

you always tell them

okay but sure I always tell them okay I

have um what's the gong

oh I mean any like extracurricular or

tell them that like you're a man or any

like every school activity because any

like after-school activity because it's

something they need to know oh but

that's something like they really need

to know because so then I like want to

take you off because you don't want to

get a job that doesn't take you all if

you have something because I have like

banging for one semester and then the

next semester I have ten inch so it's

just kind of like tennysons Mondays and

Fridays so that'll mean I'll have to

take a whole and so make sure you find

the right job that suits you make sure

you when you go in the door make sure

you tell them hey I'm a banging I'm a

tennis I'm in mayor's Youth Council like

make sure you state everything that

you're doing because if you stay here

thing you're doing my phone maybe is

okay videos cut out right they get them

over there okay so well I have started

like training or whatever I would like

take she like let me take a few orders

she's like you gonna take this one like

you got it give me she was like okay

take this one and so she made me take it

and I was a little slower I was very

slow like they was like can I have one

for small and I see like before and she

would have to like tell me and I will

punch it and the best thing to do is go

and be like like go and at the register

and your free time you have no dishes no

nothing and go just looking at all the

things on the menu and you remember I

was like I have a memorized like the

kind of the mean you like a number

one is like a single double triple

number two is the Baconator single /

triple number three it's like a barbecue

burger and number nine the tempies

navigate like it's multiple stuff to my

feet isn't like the lowering light or

whatever it's multiple things to like

remember with in heavy with like taking

orders and stuff it's not hard people

always like it so our Zohar well once

you do it for a while it becomes like

very very very easy and easy to do

so y'all please subscribe my channel

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