Walmart Cashier Training Day #2 2019

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hi everyone I'm back with another

training video and so this is my day to

training so in day 2 I finished the

foyer so what you're looking at on the

screen is the quizzes that you have to

take at the end of each section so

there's about like six sections and so

at the end of each section you're gonna

take a quiz and so this is like the

virtual cash register so this is

actually what you're gonna be working on

when you get out on the floor so it

looks like you know a little virtual

training and so here it's just asking

you how do you do this and so you just

like input it you know the answer or you

know you kind of answer a question by

checking it

so the quizzes are super easy but

there's a couple that's very hard and

I'm so thankful that when I did my

training I actually had other people

that had got hired at the same time I

did so they were there doing their

training too so we all kind of like

helped each other out if he got stuck so

that was like a huge huge plus and I'm

so grateful because you know I didn't

want to like him you know the the people

in person

you know if I was stuck or something so

I was super great for that there were

other people there I got hired and when

I got hired so we all like help each

other out I am still in training so I'm

not done with these trainings yet

they're pretty long like at least for me

I live in Miami and you know I'm still

not done training so we'll be done maybe

in the next two days two or three days


but they're very long we can't be there

for long because there there was like

ten of us who got hired and so where we

do our training is um where the other

employees use those computers as well so

we can only be there for like four hours

at a time

so I think that's why it's taking us

longer to finish our training but yes

sorry that was just because I know so um

back to the the screen so you just

answer the questions I don't know you're

gonna watch the videos first so I would

highly recommend it I mean if you're

good at remembering you know

like if you're good at if you have a

good memory like a very good memory I

need to write notes but I know when I

was there would like the other group of

people that I was hired with like all of

us or writing notes so I would

definitely suggest writing notes

definitely suggest writing notes it's

just something to go back on and yeah

it's just it's really helpful so I would

definitely recommend it but again that's

the sign note back to the video so like

this one the customer wants to pay with

an auto check so you're gonna total them

out and then you're going to click I

believe yeah check back up for a second

and then you put in the amount that they

want to use for their check and then you

enter it and pretty much it

so next we go to another question mark I

think there's good way oh so what I see

whenever they're checking when they're

buying you know alcohol or ammunition

you're gonna wait a minute and I meet

with a compare the phone book to the

person so this one again you know the

barcode and they're working or whatever

so you have to like manually type in

type in the numbers or the serial number

and then you're gonna hit there's a

really long serial number I'm just gonna

wait and oh yeah I timed out so um I am

gonna be putting more because I did pass

but like I kept timing out so thanks