Taco Bell Cash Register Help 2020!!

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Hey guys this wonder girl so today I'm gonna  be showing you how to navigate through the  

taco wills POS system now this is the latest  version of the menu and a lot of you have been  

asking me how to do so so here it is and  I'm gonna show you how to navigate it and  

so here we go! So this is what your main screen looks like okay and it has all the tacos and  

burritos mainly on here so all them supreme  and crunchy and like it specifically tells  

you which one there okay. So to get more option  guys you see those squares right there at the  

very top you can vaguely see one but those are  from our options and you can just click them  

for more variety.

So this one is where all your  combos and your party packs are gonna be okay  

So this is your special items menu and basically  it has the Power bowls and Cheesy Gorditha crunch  

Crunch Wrap Supreme as you can see on the menu now  this changes all the time so you want to make sure  

to ask your manager to sure they're still selling  it all right until like I said before I just  

hit those squares and you'll get you know your  extra options like so and sometimes if you 

have to ask the customer which one they want if there's  more than one variety so this tab guys has  

your nachos, side orders, and your dessert okay.  so as you can see on this screen there and you  

can also click on "all the side orders" so you can see the rest of it. So the next tab is called the  

dollars cravings menu ok and this has everything  that's a dollar like literally not literally  

it's a depending on how much tax it may change a  little bit so this is just the tiny dollar menu.

So this one is called the LTO's or the limited  time offers okay so this is the one that changes  

the most often so you want to make sure with your  managers what's like going on and what's not and  

this has everything this limited-time and it's  not actually part of the main menu and so all  

that is on this tab. so the next one is called the breakfast menu and this is where your remaining  

three combos will because they're only breakfast  and this is for you folks who are gonna be working  

in the early morning and this is all breakfast  related. so now guys I'll show you how to do the  

gift card menu so you go to the managers function  and you see these gift card options so you click  

it and how you do it is, you have to enter how much they  want first, you have to swipe their credit card  

or however they choose to pay and then swipe the  gift card to put the money on it okay and that's  

how you do that. Then, guys you can see those  little numbers you know going down yeah those  

are only used if the customer wants more than  one item okay so if they want like two tacos  

you're just gonna click on the number two first  and then tacos that way it automatically rings  

up two tacos okay. now if you look at the very  top you'll see a whole bar of you know other  

buttons and whatnot so the first one is just  totaling okay and that's just touring it you can  

forget the insert order okay and the next one is  the mobile that's only if they call you over the  

phone and they say "oh I have a mobile order" so  that's what you're gonna click on then you see  

drive-thru and that's only if you are working in drive-thru  okay so you click that once you're done taking the  

customers order so it goes to the other register  which is cashing out. And the next one is  

the discount menu which is straightforward yeah and  then the combo sub, modifying basically changing 

and you can delete items too, and clock in clock out  okay the rest of them are just like regular tabs  

so that's that okay so that's how you basically  navigate through okay pretty simple actually okay  

and then the next tab here is this breakfast  tab okay now this is for you folks as you know  

worker during the breakfast hour okay now for  us and at 11:00 so this is everything breakfast  

related with the remaining the 3 combos. we  have only like 13 in the whole system so this  

is basically everything remaining and that is  left. so you see those other squares at the very  

bottom of the screen sometimes really obvious it  tells you and the special drinks are like coffee  

you know the extra stuff that your store has and  freezes and what-not okay happy hour is on medium  

drinks or for a $1, 2pm-5pm okay and then  drinks is you know the regular and when you hit  

drinks you can choose from small medium or large  and yeah you can just go from there.   

So that is all I have for you guys thank you guys for watching  let me know this tutorial helped you guys I would  

really like to know I was requested so here it is  thank you guys for watching and I have new merch  

link in the description limited time offer so yeah  have a great day guys and wonder signing off peace