Little Caesars Interview - Cashier

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please describe your job title in

primary duties cashier but at the same

time there was like no staffing so you

had to literally literally go help with

the pizza prepping and washing dishes

and everything what was the work

environment like it was actually pretty

friendly I really got along with most of

the workers there it was like comforting

like they were like when you first

entered they were like oh you're new and

they will help you out with anything you

asked they weren't really like stingy or

anything I think it was a nice

environment what was your favorite part

about working there oh my favorite part

it's funny I like to do the sauce and

cheese I think it's like I like it

because it's like yeah I just like put

into the sauce and cheese is like

satisfying for me please describe the

application and interview process the application and then they'll

call you like for me they call me like

in two days and I went in for an

interview and they asked me have I ever

worked there anything and you answer

their simple questions and they also ask

you what days you can work so they could

have planned out your schedule

accordingly to what time you can and

cannot enter how were you notified that

you received the job the day of the

interview when they call me for the

interview they told me that I'll start


what set you apart from other candidates

I think it's because I know how to speak

Spanish so um the area where I worked at

there was a lot of Hispanics so I think

speaking Spanish was what would they

were really looking for because some

customers were coming and speak Spanish

so I think that's why what other advice

would you give to a job seeker looking

to gain employment we don't just be

yourself like they don't want you to be

someone you can

be like if you're not like if you're a

very shy person you you tell them like

if you don't want to wear cash here you

could work in the back or something but

other than that just try to be friendly

and everything tell them what you can

and can't do because if you don't then

you're not gonna they're gonna give you

a position where you can't really handle

or anything