Forever 21 Interview - Cashier

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please describe your job title and

primary duties 41 were cashier in film

associate so I both helped on the floor

and as well as behind a cash register to

get the customer in and out please

describe a typical day as an employee on

a typical day for 21 we would I would

come in only go straighten racks and

your designated areas we have about two

or three depending on how big the

section ring section to wear throughout

the day I may have gotten call to the

register to help out for the cashier

part but towards the end of the day we

would start straightening up again and

then we would have I would also do

fitting rooms and that included sorting

clothes as well for the rooms to go back

out onto the floor so once those were

once those racks were sorted we had to

put those go back because what they call

them back into the section before we

left and that was why it took so long

how would you describe the application

and interview process they had just

opened the store so I went in just to

see if they were hiring and I just had

me interview next day it wasn't you know

just in the store we just sat down what

questions to think if you were asked

during the job interview pretty typical

mostly customer service oriented

questions have you ever had a customer

service job before at the time I did yes

I was a pretty experienced in the

customer service situation or level

nothing out of the ordinary

they have to know my schedule you know

how available I would be at worst what

other advice would you give to a job

seeker looking to gain employment I

would tell them to just be ready for me

it's fun it's real fun but to be you

know to work whether you need to know

that you're gonna be working late nights

and it is hectic stories hectic me this

cost some frustration but if you can

deal with it then you know that would be

a perfect job if you're like it's a

fast-moving job you don't want to you

know stephannie thing you fall asleep