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so you guys this is your lunch screen so

obviously you have the Big Mac the

quarter pounder banking credit pounders

quite a panel below the double Quarter

Pounder everything could have one always

until 9:00 every number that's orange

this gray right here it's the same

number that's on the menu screen this is

the exact same thing if somebody comes

say let me get a number one meal you're

gonna press this and then you're gonna

press make meal and it will give you the

options up here medium or large you

press them you eat press the drink if

they asked for a meeting drink or a

large you want to be gonna press the

medium and then you're gonna press to

drink and then or if they say large you

want to press the large and you're gonna

press whatever drink if they want they

want a coffee you're gonna press small

medium large coffee and you're gonna

press the coffee buddy I think that's

pretty something so as you know the

double cheeseburger doesn't come as a

meal or Daily Double doesn't come as a

meal delivery is only when it's over

order but since the uber orders already

come to word tablet you don't need to

press you don't ever need this delivery

button here this is the tray in the bag

the first TV acts the customer isn't

prepared to go so the person can already

be making the food that's how it gets

you know the process going so tray or

bag and then when you're done with the

order you're going to press take out the

takeout menu will show you the how much

money it is and all that not like

obviously the POS is closed so you can't

really do a lot but when you put your

orders and

the order will be on this side right

here so you can repeat the order back to

the customer comes to order will be on

the side right here

very simple so you when you come over

item you have to call it management

course so this is lunch - this is all

the burgers on this one in the tenders

and everything the drinks never change

so if you are with me a drink the drinks

they never change so this is lunch -

this is all the luggage for p6p is $25

block you're gonna press it at the top

it's gonna actually what kind of sauce

he wants you press the sauce the

20-piece doesn't come as a mealy they

say got the hamburger make chicken all

the you know small burgers on this

screen right here and of course you

still have all the drinks here the

drinks is not gonna change so simple

that you have your drinks when I review

drinks will your mixture

you're not gonna really need the drink

part because the drinks is not really

nothing unless you want to have a tea at

the top right here so then you got your

make half a knee so you're gonna put to

make that fade you know how to iced

coffee and all that

and the iced coffee in a locked in a

mocha frappe hot chocolate you know

whatever you want so they want a small

hot chocolate you're gonna simply press


I chopped it's gonna kill you at the top

you want this playing with whatever you

know what I'm saying so you're gonna do

it like that you have the medium and

large button it's so simple so freaking

easy you guys this is the milkshakes

this is the slushies the new slushies

depending on what state you in again got

your smoothies right here but you got

your frat pin your everything right here

whatever their ex if they say let me get

a large iced coffee you're gonna press

large you're gonna press iced coffee and

at the top is gonna tell you what flavor

caramel haze or whatever you're gonna

press that flavor so simple

do you have your dessert only thing I

did was precedent certainly knew it

comes already sort of default screen

this is your apple pies and your pumpkin

pies and they're gonna have you know

holiday pies whatever pies you have if

they ask for two you're gonna press 2pac

pies you're not gonna press two one one

because that's more money you're gonna

press two back and you wanna press press

the pies the Oreo and the M&M this is

the default so once you press Oreo

Eminem it comes to the large size if you

want the snack size you're gonna press

snack Oreo snack M&M that means a

smaller size ice cream cone just to be

far you cannot change the ice cream cone

size obviously the first tiny caramel

sundae whatever this is all your Sundays

that's just it

it's gonna press it you wanna press it

if they want to ass under to the top

you're gonna press act it's acting

you only have two closer to the poquito

I think come with 13 13 or 12 countries

so that's pretty simple you got a

dessert - it's all the muffins there if

somebody actually first simply apple

slices or yogurt from the Happy Meal do

you get - man this is the parfait the

perfect comes in a little cup and it

comes look we're Nola's - so just saw

your muffins you're a [ __ ] no yogurt do

you have a happy meal hamburger

cheeseburger 4 piece 6 piece once you

press the happy meal it's gonna actually

depending on you to have a burger or

negligent action what kind of sausage

first for your girlfriend's milk

chocolate mocha apple juice is the

option if they want to upset up the size

their drink or anything you're gonna pay

a small coke or medium coat but you have

to make make sure you tell them that

it's going to be extra the McDouble when

the six pieces mighty kid's meal okay

that's simple so you got the birthday

party I don't know if you are do

birthday parties but this is very simple

your manager will do a birthday party

for you you don't have to do a birthday

party LSM is just what you will go to if

you feel comfortable LSR it's not really

nothing on here but you know double fish

fillet make that bacon it's the same

thing a lesson which is really not

really nothing on here you're not going

to use a lesson it's gonna sit right


you're not gonna really use that a

lesson - you're not gonna really use it

either so you're gonna go to kind of

move these on your sausage you know they

want an extra sauce packet which you

probably don't have to charge them

you're gonna press extra sauce and

you're gonna press any kind of sauce in

line or if they want a extra green sauce

from the salads you're gonna press them

the gifts is the gift card so reload

that meaning they already have a card

arch being that you they have to pay you

know with the money plus the car you

have to get in the car reload is only

one they have a card so I'm gonna go

back to the mega value me it's gonna be

the one two three so the one dollar

obviously this hot [ __ ] McMuffin in the

stash is

biscuit a being on the $2 I should make

or do six Nuggets at the non $3 make

chicken cheeseburger they have it all

crazy I know it doesn't make sense for

honestly the same thing slashing

McMuffin this gear size may grow to six

nuggets if you need to see a price of

something you simply press show price

right here show price on up on you show

the price but you have to make sure you

tell them that this is an hour Texas

including okay so I'm gonna go through

this one more time okay one two three

all of those are meals one two three and

all those other numbers that there are

mused you know you have your attendants

you have everything right here you

simply press the burger you simply press

make meal medium or large or sometimes a

side salad which they really don't get

but that just come that just means that

they don't get fries with it they get a

salad with it you know see better there

you go and then when you press train

they're done with the order you press

take out

that's about it this is how the mean

looks at once once you get used to the

me once you find out where everything is

that then you will be comfortable with

it because I promise you if this is your

first meeting on the job it's gonna be

so easy once you find out where

everything is at

just remember if they say breakfast

quick breath things if they say lunch

quick lunch so simple if they want small

stuff you're gonna make valuation it

didn't they got all the stuff though so

that's basically it

getting all your drinks down here you're

especially functions if you have to

reprint a receipt because you ran out of

receipt paper right there you simply

press the primer see you look for the

receipt on the side right here and then

it'll come it'll come out and it'll tell

you gift card balance is right here if

they want to check their gift card

balance you just press this it didn't

taste like Descartes and then it tells

you how much it's on it's going to come

out whatever receipt - so yeah that's

about it

if you run out of receipt paper or you

anymore if you need more paper being

presentation and this comes out with

paper but if you want to check if you

have paper in or need paper or right now

you press this up if you have more

receipt paper if that makes sense this

is the how to proceed paper is gonna

come you're gonna simply peel this back

throw it in there and it's gonna come

with receipt paper already okay

no somebody actually it's mine say oh I

have a mobile order but they have not

page head it's gonna be green right now

this is great because we have no mobile

orders it's going to be green because if

it's really press it it's gonna be a box

is gonna say what's um what's just gonna

say the names on the side you

accidentally what's your name when you

come press it and you repeat the letter

back to them that you press right

there's gonna be a big sucker right

there pay here they're gonna pay here

dead heart is already going to be

charged you're not a fake heart unless

they want to pay with cash so

that's if you have any other questions

about this system


just make sure you come in or you know

follow my social media so I communities

explain it more to you guys if you guys

need help

honestly me up with this I can honestly

help you the best way possible because I

don't make that much it's very

fast-paced and sometimes they don't

teach you correctly or they just or you

want to register and then that's it you

know so just make sure you know you you

know while all your stuff is that

positive take a picture this pause it

take a picture screenshot study this

mean you once you study the menu you

will be our hundred percent fine

you will be okay if they say they want a

Big Mac it's gonna come up here

everything that's gonna come up it's

gonna tell you everything up here it's

going to tell you everything up here no

dis at this no dis if you need help just


make sure you ask because it's not some

customers that fundamentals are I want

Kristen crazy needs to egg if you need

help you need to ask so if you need help

with this just let me know like comment

and subscribe to this video it's me you

know another tutorial on how to make it

and let me know then I can actually put

a register in here so I can say I

everything that goes on over here and

then what happens once you get past is

take out screen I will let you guys know

if you need help so let me know