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hi its Lu Manfredini aces home expert

today's video is all about cleaning your

carpets with a machine that you can rent

at your local participating a story it's

amazing the results you will get let me

show you how it's done okay

this particular unit is a rug doctor and

many participating a stores rent this

type of machine but there may be other

machines but they're all kind of similar

in how you use them but specifically

today we're gonna talk about this rug

doctor machine now what this has is some

added features that I think you'll find

useful this is a hand tool we'll show

you a little bit later on how this gets

connected to the machine this is great

for doing stairs if you have carpeted

stairs or you can also use this on

upholstery if you want to clean the

couch or something like that this is the

cleaner that actually has the added

benefit of oxidizing to actually loosen

the dirt inside the carpeting if you

were gonna be using on upholstery you'd

want to get the appropriate soap for

that now on these rug doctors it's

pretty simple this is the tank where all

the dirty water is gonna go from the

extracting when you're cleaning it and

down here is where you pour the warm

water with the soap inside of there so

I'm gonna show you how all that's done

and then we're gonna get started

cleaning this bedroom and we're start at

one end and you're gonna see amazing

results this is the dirty water bucket

that is gonna be attached to the carpet

cleaning machine so you're not gonna

fill that up with the clean water what I

like to do is take like a five gallon

bucket that we have inside here and you

want to fill it up with hot water hot

water is your friend when it comes to

cleaning carpets you want to look on the

back of the bottle on this one with the

rug dr. shampoo they say about a quarter

cup per gallon of water so I've got five

gallons of water and I'm just gonna go

ahead and pour that in there here's a

little tip fill the bucket first with

the water and then add the cleaner

because if you do it otherwise it'll

kind of foam up a little bit and cause a


then when you carry it over to pour it

into the machine it'll mix in there and

that will give you the

cleaning properties of the solution the

other thing is the reason why I like to

mix a five-gallon bucket is the machine

does not hold five gallons of water but

once you get to the end when it runs out

and need to refill it you don't have to

do the constant measuring you're gonna

have this all ready to go and you can

fill it up so it speeds up the process

and again remember there's different

kinds of shampoos that you can buy

depending on what project you're working

on so just ask the sales associate in

the store and they'll make sure you

leave the store with the right shampoo

okay again we're using a rug doctor here

and so depending on the machine that

you're gonna be renting you want to make

sure that you follow the instructions

now on these machines they do a pretty

good job of having the instructions

actually on the machine but I want to

give you some insight into all of this

all right this is my solution with the

hot water and the soap and I'm gonna

pour it into the reservoir here of the

rug doctor don't worry about spilling a

little bit of water because you're

cleaning the carpeting you're just gonna

extract it up so you want to hold this

up carefully and then you want to pour

it in right to that reservoir and you

don't want to overfill it but you want

to make sure that you get as much in

there as you can because depending on

the size of the bedroom or you know the

hallway whatever it is you're doing the

living room you want it to go as far as

possible and as you fill this up in this

reservoir once it kind of gets close to

the top then just stop and we have extra

for the next pass now from there

remember this is the dirty water bucket

that we spoke on this actually slides in

this goes on top locks in place now

before we get started using the carpet

cleaner one thing that I want to mention

is obviously you're gonna empty out the

room you want to vacuum the room first

as well to get an e you know debris that

might be on the carpeting because even

though this scrubber will pick that up

you just want to make sure it's as clean

as possible before you go do the

extracting of the carpeting and then I

think you should be able to see this

here this particular room has a floor

register we want to make sure we pull

that out as well so we can clean

on this particular machine there's kind

of this opaque window on the top as

you're using the machine and you're

pulling back

it's extracting the water and you'll see

water shooting through here into the

dirty water tank when you're using it if

you see that no more water is coming

through there and going into the tank

that means you need to stop empty your

dirty water tank and add more cleaning

solution to the unit to continue okay

I've got the unit plugged in on this

particular one there's a button on the

top that says carpet or tool the tool

I'm going to show you a little bit later

on that we're gonna use on the stairs

now in a small room like this it's a

good idea to just start at one end and

pull your way along and use the machine

and the handles it has an auger here

this adjusts the handle right here and

then there's a switch a button right

here that this applies the cleaner and

then also moves when you turn the button

on it moves the brush and it scrubs the

carpeting and applies the cleaner and

extracts you're gonna get to the point

where you come against the wall and you

can't go there it doesn't really matter

what direction you go with the machine

you just want to make sure that like

cutting a lawn you overlap a little bit

so that you work your way from one end

to the other cleaning the carpeting as

it goes so let's get started all right

let's turn this on



okay so depending on how dirty the

carpeting is you may want to go back

over it again but typically if you're

cleaning carpeting every four months or

so one good pass with a carpet cleaning

machine should do the trick now this

will be damp it's a good idea if you can

leave furniture and items off of the

carpeting overnight if you wanted to put

a fan on there to let it dry a little

quicker that's fine too then you can go

ahead and put everything down and you'll

see that it's just freshened up it looks

a lot better the trick and the secret to

know how dirty your carpeting in is in

the pour let me show you what we're

gonna do with the dirty water alright so

for me you know you could certainly put

this into a if you have a laundry sink

but there might be chunks of stuff

whatever it's a good idea to put it down

the toilet to drain it all out

all right this is the handheld tool that

connects to this rug dr. and again

different carpet machines offer the same

attachment but how it connects to the

machine is different once you make that

connection you'll see that there's a

scrubbing brush right here that you're

going to use to sort of agitate the

carpeting as you're cleaning it the

solution will come through this and then

the suction or extraction will come from

here you just have to make sure that

when you turn on the machine you turn

the correct button on that directs all

of the power to the handheld upholstery

tool as you can see renting a carpet

machine is a great way to maintain the

carpeting in your home it also prolongs

its life now if you need more help or

advice you can certainly find it at your

local participating a store and please

follow us on our youtube channel and you

can always go to Ace Hardware calm

because ace is the helpful place