How to use Car Battery Charger

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this is a basic manual battery chargers

it's good for most automotive

applications whether it's a six volt or

a 12 volt it is a dual rate charger that

means it has a six amp medium charge and

a 2 amps low charge or trickle charge

function and right here is a little

switch that you use to put it into the

function that you want six amps six volt

or 12 volt six amp this is a flooded 12

volt battery and I just want to trickle

charge it so I'm going to move it into

the 12 volt 2 amp position now

connecting the battery charger is very

important you really need to follow

these basic safety procedures one safety

glasses in case there's any sparks next

you want to open up the positive battery

terminal and the first one you connect

is the red positive lead from the

battery charger to the positive battery

post just like so now this is the

negative one don't connect it to the

negative battery terminal many people

have a tendency to do that if there's a

spark that could be very dangerous what

we want to do is make this last

connection away from the battery and I'm

going to put it way back here on this

bolt that's connected to the to the body

and that will give us a nice ground

connection now that we're all connected

up and the terminals around there nice

and snug we can plug in the battery

charger now we can monitor the charge

rate of the slow charge or the trickle

charge but if you find that it needs

more of a charge we can flip it over to

the 6 amp rate and we can monitor that

you have to keep an eye on this now

remember because this is a manual

charger and when it gets down to a

hundred percent or fully charged then

you have to disconnect the battery and

stop the charge now here is a fully

automatic battery charger and it even

has an engine start function because

there are different types of battery

technologies there's a switch here for

maintenance-free type deep-cycle

batteries or conventional flooded

batteries such as we have in this

vehicle so we'll move to switch to the

conventional battery position and now

I'll set the selector switch into the

type of charge that I want I have either

a 2 amp trickle charge rate 12 amp

regular charge rate and it even has a 75

amp start rate and that's to you know

jumpstart or boost start the vehicle now

I'm going to use just use the 12 amp

rate right here because I just want to

charge the battery

so we'll plug it in now if you want to

you can monitor the charge rate it

starts here with the power on light

coming on and as the battery's charged

the needle will move down the scale

until it's fully charged and the green

light will come on now remember this is

a fully automatic battery charger so you

don't really have to monitor it and you

don't have to unplug it when the charge

is done actually it becomes a maintainer

at that point and it will keep the

battery at a state of fully charged

always ready to go here is a fully

automatic battery charger that's

microprocessor controlled and this will

do all batteries all sizes all shapes

six volt 12 volts it's also got a boost

start capability and a maintainer so to

set this one up first we'll plug it in

and then we set the battery percentage

the battery voltage the alternator

whatever we want to watch in this

particular case let's set it to watch

the battery percentage and we can see

that it's only 45% charged next will be

the battery type either a 12 volt

standard or a AGM which is your absorbed

glass mat you know Optima type batteries

the kind of batteries in a Prius as an

example a gel cell or a six volt system

well this is a standard 12 volt battery

and finally it is a choice here a small

battery medium to large or the engine

start position well we're going to set

it to the medium to large battery and

then after we push the last button the

charging process begins the unit turns

on we can actually monitor the charge

status we see here is connected here

it's charging and this light here will

come on when it's fully charged remember

this is an automatic charger and once

the battery is fully charged it will go

into a maintainer status and keep it at

peak efficiency here's a great

heavy-duty manual charger with features

that should appeal to the

do-it-yourselfer the shop owner and even

for use down on the farm

it is a maintainer it is a charger and

it's also got fast start capability it's

got an on and off switch and so we have

to turn the switch to the function that

we want here is a six volt battery

switch for a 40 amp charging and 100 amp

start capacity also a 12 volt maintainer

position here's a 12 volt 10 amp

charge position a 12-volt 40 amp charge

position for a faster charge and here's

a 12 volt 200 amp engine start position

well I'm going to put it into the 12

volt 10 app position because I'm going

to charge this automotive battery and

I'll plug it in now we're in the off

position so I can either put it in the

hold position and that will turn the

charger on and we can monitor the

charging status right here or we could

put it into a time charge position

notice we have a timer from 15 minutes

all the way up to 135 minutes and we'll

set it for about 1 hour for 60 minutes

as we monitor the charge rate remember

this is a manual charger and you need to

turn this off or make sure it's turned

off at the end of the charging cycle