Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Review Demonstration and How To Operate

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hey everybody its Russ I'm at this park

in Las Vegas and today I've got the

tracker 4 and what I wanted to do was

give you a little run through on how I

would set this up for coin shooting and

jewelry hunting to the left is our power

and sensitivity button turn that on turn

the sensitivity up in the middle of the

screen is a meter now this meter is a

strength meter I tend not to use that I

just go by the audio especially when I'm

hunting in the tone mode all that really

tells you is the strength of the target

so you can gather whether it's a small

target or a deep target but it's really

not necessary and I don't use it there's

a little red light in here which is a

low battery light when you first turn

the machine on I don't know if you can

see it in the sunlight but the low

battery light flashes when you need to

replace your batteries that low battery

light will come on and stay on then the

right knob is our discrimination knob

that only works when we're in disc or

tone so you can set your discrimination

however you like

now there's a toggle switch this toggle

switch puts us in our one of three modes

discrimination to the left all-metal to

the middle and tone to the right now

I'll explain this here in a second the

tracker 4 can be used with headphones it

doesn't need to it has an on-board

speaker so if you want to use headphones

go ahead and feel free to headphones

tend to make the batteries last longer

the tracker 4 runs off of two 9-volt

batteries and you're probably going to

get about twenty to thirty hours on

those batteries maybe more if you're

using headphones so depending on where

the disc is set the tracker four will

incrementally single out and knock out

different metals from detection this is

done in a linear fashion from iron

through zinc copper pennies dimes

quarters and silver jewelry cannot be

discriminated out the next mode is all

metal all metal is set up right in the

middle all types of metal will be

detected in the all metal mode to

include gold silver platinum iron copper

brass etc an all metal all targets are

assigned a single high tone whether it's

a ferrous target or silver target one

thing to keep in mind is all metal is

your deepest mode however as a coin

shooter and a jewelry hunter especially

in parks like this it's not necessary I

prefer the tone mode tone mode is a dual

tone response with automatic iron

rejection in this mode the tracker four

can be set up to respond with a low tone

or grunt for nickels and a high tone for

all other coin targets and silver

jewelry as well so now let's talk about

my preferred settings for the tracker

for when I'm coin shooting and jewelry

hunting I prefer to hunt in the tone

mode with the discrimination set at

approximately the 12 o'clock position

the way I set my sensitivity just it's

depending on what site you're at some

places you can run it higher some places

you can run it lower to figure that out

what you do is you turn the machine on

with the sensitivity control and Max it

now you can see I'm getting a lot of EMF

I'm getting a lot of bounce here so what

you want to do is take that sensitivity

and turn it down until that ceases just

at the point where that ceases that's

where you stop

so now you can see I'm set at max

sensitivity for the area I'm at and this

machine is running as hot as it possibly

can for the area that I'm at some areas

you may able to run at full blast some

areas you may have to turn it to the 12

o'clock position it just depends okay so

with the tracker 4 set up at the manor

which I explained this machine is

running as hot as possible for the area

that you're in and it's running in a

manner where the tracker 4 will reject

the iron targets and assign a low grunt

to gold and nickels and high tones to

other coins and silver jewelry so now

I'm going to demonstrate how the tracker

4 will perform when set up in the manner

which I described earlier

so our first target is going to be a

ferrous target in the iron screw nothing

the tracker 4 rejected this trashy

target now let's dig it just to make

sure that that's what we're looking at

now I buried all these targets myself

they're only a couple inches deep and

it's just for a demonstration so there

we are there's a ferrous target there

and we saw that the tracker 4 rejected

that we didn't see it we didn't hear it

okay so now we're going to do the next

target is a penny now the tracker 4

should give us a nice high tone letting

us know that it's a coin perfect that's

what we wanted all right let's go ahead

and recover this there it is a penny

so we had a nice high tone letting us

know there was a coin there alright now

the next target is going to be a u.s.

nickel so the way we have the tracker

for setup it's going to give us a low

grunt on the nickel remember gave us a

high tone on the penny and it totally

rejected the iron here that low tone

that low grunt alright let's retrieve

this target there it is a u.s. nickel

all right so our next target is going to

be a us dine us dime should give us a

high tone all right let's dig our dime

there it is

our next target is going to be a u.s.

quarter again we should get a high tone

with this perfect I like to dig her up

there it is

nice high tone so now I'm often asked

can the tracker for Feingold and my

answer is yes our next target is a gold

woman's ring 14 karat it should give us

that low tone just like the nickel did



all right let's recover this ring here

my hopes are high I already know what it

is because I put it there but right

there woman's 14 karat gold ring tracker

4 found it with no problem I would love

to find something like this and the

tracker for found it with no problem you

find a ring like this which the tracker

4 can and will find if it's there now

pay for your tracker for 3 or 4 times