The first years 2-in 1 simple serve bottle warmer - How to use

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hey guys I was just making a quick video

about the first year bottle warmer this

is also a sanitizer for your the nipples

of your bottles and your your pacifiers

what I think is pretty cool about this

product that it comes with this little

tube and on this tube it says one minute

two minute three minute for minute five

minute and I sold for example if he's a

bigger kid you know that you can warm it

as a bottle for four minutes in here you

fill it up with four and you pour it in

to sanitize there also is a guide that

comes with it but you kind of remember

and you kind of also get a common sense

you know what I mean so right now don't

be like it's a little warm but it's okay

so this is for like four bottles but

this one is the cover to steam his

binky's sorry about that Oh wipe it

that's to clean his binky's and that's

three minutes so I filled it up to three

minutes and the cool thing is that you

can just like latch this on and it stays

there and then you press the button and

then it just starts and when it the

buttons done it's done so that's pretty

much it if you have any questions go

ahead and comment below I'm gonna try to

get back to everybody but like I said

for the most part I just saw a bunch of

videos on here for older models but this

is just a newer model it's for one

bottle and I love that it comes with

this handy reminder of how much to fill

and it's pretty cool it's just pretty

basic I think back I don't remember what

goes back here I don't think anything

special but alright maybe actually this

lid goes back there not sure but yeah