Black & Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review

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hi guys today I'm reviewing the Black &

Decker 12-cup programmable coffeemaker

it's basic and affordable it measures 12

inches tall by 7 inches wide and 9

inches deep the housing is plastic the

unit comes with a removable filter

basket and instruction manual the carafe

is glass and holds 12 cups the water

level is clearly marked on the side the

control panel has simple almost flat

buttons you can program the unit to make

coffee at a later time you can also

pause brewing by removing the carafe

before the pot is finished brewing the

carafe has to be placed back on the

plate within 30 seconds to prevent

overflow before you brew your first cup

of coffee clean the machine use a paper

filter or permanent filter I clean with

one cup vinegar and one cup water same

with any other coffee machine then run

one or two pots of plain water through

the machine let's make coffee I'm using

my permanent filter I'll pour in four

cups of water

the space to porn the water is not very

big but you should be able to pour in

the water without any spillage make sure

the filter basket is seated correctly

I'm using four tablespoons of coffee

level it out

close the lid make sure you hear the

little snap so you know that the lid is

completely secure

simply press the on/off button to brew

I'll pull the carafe out to see if it's

gonna drip or if the pause brew actually

works there was just a one or two drops

which is fine you do have to put the

carafe back in within 30 seconds the

four cups of coffee brewed in a little

over four minutes

there's no beeping or anything to alert

you that the coffee is finished throwing

the indicator is you just don't hear the

coffee machine anymore

coffee will be kept warm for two hours

and the machine will shut off

automatically if you don't shut it off

by pressing the on/off button I'll put

in some sugar and half enough

a little bit more okay said the coffee

is not weak it's not strong either it's

somewhere in the middle and it's an

acceptable cup of coffee

overall the Black & Decker coffee maker

makes an acceptable cup of coffee it's

not an amazingly great cup of coffee

it's decent and it's inexpensive it's

also very simple to use the length of

the Black & Decker is in the description

below I hope you found this review

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