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hi everyone I want to introduce you to

the Bissell Proheat it's a floor cleaner

and see some dog hair in it right now

because it's actually your use this is

not that this is not gonna be a pretty

video like a manufacturer video because

I'm not the manufacturer and about this

with my own money not being paid by

anybody I'm gonna tell you the what I

like and what I don't like first I'm

just gonna show you how I use it I'll

probably go ahead and make a playlist

because that way I can have separate

videos with more specific titles to help

people find things that they need

because there's a few things that are

just a little um I wouldn't say hard or

tricky but just I think sorry for my

voice um

but sometimes when you have AM a video

hey baby when you have a video it can

help you uh just see things easier and

so you can see my dogs here she's gonna

I have two dogs and a person we got this

and we first got Maddie there she she

did a lot of marking but maybe not

marking but she had a lot of anxiety I

guess and certain places her she beat

and I thought I got them all but there

was a spot here I took up a an area rug

and I was like oh dear there's there's

some kind of problem there so and then

the other dog is elderly so she's had

some issues so um hmm I'll just show you

real quick this is the tank in the back

and she lifted up you have to go like

this I'll do another video on this you

know how to do this part but you see

I've got a what's called a bladder in

there it's like a plastic thing you take

all this off and you fill it it's

actually not hard and sorry I'm trying

to do this just one-handed

but anyway you fill that bladder with

the hot water and then you put some a

little bit of the cleaner in there it's

really not hard um it also has this

attachment this is for above floor

cleaning well for upholstery and I have

not used that yet so when I get to that

we will have a video on that so you may

want to try to follow my count or

fellows playlist I'm not sure

you can do that exactly but that way as

I add things you'll understand I also

ended up beginning the hard floor

cleaner attachment for this because I

had a separate machine for cleaning the

kitchen floor and and I really liked

this machine better for one thing I'm

tall and this is nice and tall the other

thing is the other machine I had to go

way down here they press start and stop

on the floor and the hard floor cleaner

I had that's a different brand and this

one it's all in the puddles so it's

gonna get loud here I've got a fan going

over there got the air cleaner going

over here at ceiling fan going above us

and so I recommend that get some good

air circulation it'll help your floor

dry okay so I'm just gonna show you the

operation but I when I go forward I will

be pushing this and you'll see water

going got a point with my toes you'll

see water going through there and then

when I draw back when I pull this thing

backwards it draws up the sex update the

soapy water in the dirt and when you're

doing that part you you depress in other

words undepressed you don't don't press

that button anymore this button is only

for when you're pushing water out so

when you're going forward you want to

generally be using this use it more like

you stay in one spot and go do it a bit

you know if you really have a stain

that's what I do but okay so we're not

gonna have to see a huge amount of dirt

come up here because it's probably not

too dirty but might be Oh see so I can

hear my voice

then you got this

now you'll be able to see it that's the

light going a really friend Proheat all

it does is it really maintains your heat

they already have

so we're going to go forward and push

and push the handle button to make the

water come out completely we'll see it

there yes there is see so there should

be clean water you see clean water going


can go faster


a pair of drone back hopefully we'll see

some water suctioning right here



okay there's the water now we're going

to I'm going to draw that


there we go you can kind of see the

color of the water that gets suction up


Oh ekiden they're doing over a piece

pain or something I will see it be


and be careful that worker don't work

yourself into a corner


is that I can go faster when I do my

normal speed now this is the way I


gonna do a little bit of a

a seesaw if you mess up and you press

that lever the lever or leave them for

water and you're going backwards don't

worry about it you're not breaking it

I do that sometimes

I kind of like to do a little bit of

this pattern you know kind of a back

this way and then this way you know kind

of walk it back and forth


in there


actually even though it looks like a

beast it's actually not that heavy I had

to look at the specifications financial

weight but I have arthritis in my back I

generally test and my neck and my back


I can do this as long as I'm not in a

flare a pain or something that I mean

this is actually easier than the shorter

or smaller seaming machine I have for

the kitchen floor I definitely should do

a video on that one I thought that was

the other one was the greatest thing

that I really like this one better

now you see these little blobs of dog

hair it's best to vacuum the floor

before you go to clean

you will decrease on the lot but you're

still gonna have those and it's okay

it's in the manual that then is expected

see if we get anything here that's

expected so don't worry about it all you

do is just go back and pick them up a

good thing about it is

that's not in there clogging up the

machine the machine is blocking it so


that's all right right there's you know

how much dog hair there is

and this does have a little tool I've

got more on that later I'll show you the

tool you can clean all the gunk out of

it in the hair you know me I'm big on

the I never used to be I hate

maintenance of stuff but

the proper maintenance does make things

work better so you put money into it why

not help it make it do its best for

you okay so here we go

the area right there

and I'll have to clean it too

there definitely some pee in there

oh it makes a smell it so much better

you get that mess up you

there lies how dirty things work so

anyway one tank will do about this area

you see here well they just did

that's not very that's not very big but

is it optimal for

for this because like I said it just

maintains the heat that you already had

on that water it doesn't actually it's

to call it a pro heat but it doesn't

actually heat water

so if you had a bigger tank than that

you'd probably be cleaning with cold

water by the time you're done

and cold water it does clean just as



see we have anymore water yeah we could

go spray in the water see if you have

any difficulties and my dog is Nevis

Carolyn see that's the other dog she's

the old one and she's not scared

this is like I would sit this the other

day with another day with mommy Darla

what is she up to today but the hot

water the recent for hot water is so it

will dry faster


oh isn't this exciting this back and

forth at work

you can always make a video while you

see the floor make the time go faster

make it more fun for you

pretend you're helping others so the

video about it perfect later when really

you're just trying to assuage your own

boredom okay

but we're really what when I push and

see if any waters going through

and then see if it's sucking up anything

you'll see that axial

keep going unless you feel a difference

in the pressure sometimes I'll kind of

feel it kind of cut

that's when you know it's full see the

tank once that the reservoir

whereas catching the dirty water once it

gets full it's not going to suction

anymore because it can't

and so but you'll hear the machine

running you're just we going back and

forth but you won't see anything will be

any action going on here

you see a little bit of the fans there

playing with my ceiling

so I'm gonna press the leather

you see any water shootings not really

that let kids at all so

I see that the night tells me

I've pretty much done it that's all I

can do right now so

raise it back up

turn off your power okay so and I will

be back with another video to show you

how to deal with this part but I want

you to see that dirty water look at that

look at that it's not amazing so you can

Majan if you if you're looking at your

floor and you see it as really dirty how

much water you're gonna get out of there

so my next video I'm going to talk to

you a little bit about this and how to

open this up alright so thanks for

watching and I said well just help make

a playlist of this and I hope it helps

you and even if you have a similar model

in me it may actually help you a little

bit especially if it's the same brand of

a Bissell okay well I'm gonna let it go

I was gonna try to make each one under

10 sorry yeah can you connect and I will

talk to you later bye