STOP Wasting Beer! How to Tap a Keg with a Keg Pump the Right Way

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A keg pump is a great option for dispensing beer

if you will be drinking an entire keg in one day.

It introduces oxygen into the keg

which will cause the beer to go flat and stale

in about 24 hours,

so you've got a limited time to finish the keg

once you tap it.

Most people typically use a bucket filled with ice

to keep a keg cold.

The drawbacks to this are that

uneven temperatures throughout the keg

can present problems and melt the ice quickly.

A better option is using an insulated keg bag

which keeps the ice frozen longer

and gives better coverage around the whole keg.

How to tap a keg with a pump

Create a base of ice at the bottom of the bag

before inserting the keg.

Fill the rest of the bag with ice

and pack it in around the sides of the keg.

You can't have too much ice.

Insert the keg pump between the lugs

and the top of the keg

and twist it clockwise about a quarter turn

until it's snug.

Pull out on the handle and push it down to tap the keg.

With a cooling bag, you can close the top

and use the opening to access the keg pump,

providing even more insulation.

Once the keg pump is in place,

close the zipper around the pump to trap in the cold.

The most common error with a keg pump

is over pressurizing the keg.

Tap your keg before pumping and see how it's pouring.

Depending on how long you let the keg settle,

you may need to pour off the first few cups of foam.

The perfect pour should take about six to eight seconds

to fill a sixteen ounce cup.

If the flow is slow,

start with four or five pumps and check the flow rate.

If you haven't pumped enough,

the beer will trickle out very slowly,

but if you over pump,

your beer will blast out pure foam.

The only option to get the foam to die down

is to pour beer until the pressure is reduced.

When pouring, make sure you open the faucet

all the way, so as not to restrict the flow.

Only pump it when you need to.

With a little patience and practice,

you'll be pouring perfect cups of beer in no time.