Scoreboard Tutorial - Basketball

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all right so here's a tutorial for using

the scoreboard so we push insert resume

game that's the previous game score but

we put venue and enter to start a new

game that clears the scoreboard as you

can see second zero zero

and then you're gonna go to set name pot

sending clock to whatever the time is

going to be so for right now we're gonna

do 10 minutes

all right set this clock like Eddie

going to set a clock five penis time 1 0

0 0 0 and then I have to push enter and

it sets it

okay that's how you set the clock

anytime you need change it 7 o'clock

then go there okay for scoring it's very

simple just plus 1 2 3 and then minus 1

don't worry about team fouls we don't

have 2000 if you're working with a

scorekeeper who's sitting right here

they'll have counts for fouls if there's

seven fouls you push bonus that puts a B

D upon the score

push it again which bonus again and it

puts in either arrow that means

which it one more time and it clears it

okay you need to change the next period

you can push here period and that if you

have a timeout there's this timeout call

that this will calls timeout you're

going to push timeout for the team that

called it once and then enter for a full

timeout twice and enter for a 30-second

timeout push in turn it start

if you need to turn off the timeout

before the time that's done you can push

sign-out off and it takes it back to


okay if you need to do timeout and your

chemistry this isn't working you can

just push timeout on gonna do once for

pulse twice for 30 for some reason you a

shot clock which we won't be used and

convene your eye

for some reason the shock clock is a

long time you push that shot time and

then enter a different shock box now

change this box box at 13 seconds

I think that's all

again if you get to the end of the game

you set up the new game

just push menu moving takes you to clear

your set name far and already you go