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hey guys welcome back to my channel you

knew the Amazon fire state world did you

just buy one pull it on the box

wondering what do I do with this thing

well I'm gonna talk about that today I'm

gonna help you set up that fire so they

can get the most out of your Amazon fire

state check it out


all right guys get you zoomed in on the

screen rate and now so I know I have a

lot of subscribers more advanced users

that are looking for some advanced

firestick stuff this is just for

beginners new subscribers those that

have not watched any or very few of my

videos and are just a little confused

may not be able to maneuver around like

they want to this is just a beginner's

guide folks I am doing an advanced guide

to the Amazon fire stick where you can

really customize your fire stick I'll be

doing that video it's already ready to

be filmed and edited so make sure you

hit that notification bell down below so

that you're notified for that but this

is just for beginners guys this is right

out of the box plugged your fire stick

in now what do I do

all right let's get right to it so when

you plug your fire stick in it goes into

your HDMI slot in the back and then

you're gonna have a power supply that

plugs into the wall and a remote that

looks just like this a little blurry I

don't look close to the camera but this

remote here is pretty fantastic it has

everything from a power button which

will also control your TV and volume

control up and down it has a microphone

you can search for things just by

talking into it it's got the little

circle cursor that goes around you've

got the back button home button three

dashes which you use quite often and

then play fast-forward and then your

mute button all on your remote it's very

sleek it's very small as you can see

right here not much to it guys very very

simple easy to use the fire stick is a

very easy device to use and let's talk

about a few things so if you go when you

first plug it in you're gonna come to

this home screen okay if you go left of

the home screen to the search you can

search for all kinds of things for

example if you want to add your Netflix

to your Amazon fire stick you just type

into Netflix click on that and you'll be

able to pull that up right there so if

you've got your Netflix already and you

want to keep it you can add that to your

device just by doing that what else can

you add well as you can see here I added

you to

I've had Firefox and then these free

film and TV channels which are fantastic

I've got all kinds of them on here guys

I'll just show you what I have on my

fire stick so you can kind of get an

idea of the types of things that you can

have so I'm just gonna hit the home

button and that'll take you right back

to this main screen just like that if

you hold the home button down which is

right here for three seconds okay 1 2 3

it will pull this up right here and this

is kind of an important screen to have

and it is hidden ok just by holding that

home button it looks like a little home

3 seconds you're gonna come to this

alright so you've got apps sleep mode

and you definitely want to put your fire

stick to sleep it will wake up just by

pushing any button but it rests your

fire stick and keeps it optimized ok

plus the stuff isn't running in the

background constantly and you like and

using up your internet space and some

people only have so much data on their

internet that they can use and so you

definitely want to put it to sleep

mirroring which gives you the ability to

take your phone or your computer or your

laptop and project it onto the screen a

very very cool feature that will be in

my advanced video that I'll be doing

later and then settings where you can

set up your fire stick to get the best

in the most out of it but let's talk

about what apps I have on my fire stick

right now alright so just go over to

apps click on apps it'll take just a

second it will pull up all the apps I

don't keep all of my apps necessarily on

my fire stick I put them in the cloud so

it doesn't take up space my fire stick

only has 6 gigabytes of space I'll be

talking about gigabytes of space and all

that in my advanced video as well this

is just a tutorial setup so these are my

videos here I'm sorry my my apps that I

have downloaded on here right now ok

these are ad blockers live TV apps more

live TV apps like movie apps sports apps

things like that and then that's what I

like and then some really good movie

apps right here cinema and Morpheus

those are really really good

and then you've got Pluto TV and to be

so this is a good way to cut the cord

guys eventually you get one of these and

you want to play with it a little bit

and decide whether or not you want to

keep cable you don't you I don't I cut

the cord

I don't need cable anymore because I

have everything I need right here on my

fire stick what a fire stick is guys

basically is it takes a regular TV just

a normal TV and turns it into a smart TV

that's all a fire stick is it's got some

great plugins and some things that you

can do but that's all it is so these are

the apps that I use one of the TV apps I

really like I actually have a video on

ik is this one right here it's called

Pluto TV if you click on Pluto TV you'll

get your you'll see that it has tons and

tons of channels I mean and movie

channels TV channel tons of channels

that you can watch completely free if

you head over here and just scroll down

just like a regular cable provider I'm

gonna turn the volume down and it is

completely it was it is completely free

does not cost anything now I know that

Pluto TV is not available in all

countries and I am sorry for that is not

much I can do about that there's other

options and I'll be talking about those

in some of my other videos on how to get

those TV shows and movies and so forth

in other countries but I do know the

Pluto TV is strictly for the United

States and a few other select countries

okay but I'm just scrolling good to show

you all the channels that are on here

there's hundreds of channels on here

guys sports channels news channels major

networks music channels forensic files

you've got everything anything you can

imagine for the most part is gonna be on

here and it's completely free and it's

built into your fire stick alright so

let me exit that app how do you get

Pluto TV on your fire stick well it's

free and it's easy and I'll show you hit

that home button again like I said

before head over here to the circle head

on down and type in Pluto do you see a

go Pluto do you see a pattern guys super

easy to get all these apps so Pluto TV


and there it is it will pop up it will

load up right on to your device okay now

let's go home let's talk about something

else so there's the apps that I use now

if you head over to the live tab these

are all of your live TV options so

you've got Pluto TV YouTube TV sling and

so on so on any subscriptions that you

have for live TV are to be found right

here and there's all kinds of them here

guys there's lots of choices you can get

summer subscription summer free and just

click on them in and they'll tell you

you know you'll be able to check that

out you got an NFL Channel MLS fox

sports NBC News there is all of these on

your fire state guys it's incredible so

that's the live TV tab now let's go to

your videos this is anything that you

have saved on here

you can save stuff you can create watch

lists on your fire stick so you can

watch it later movies

here's movies that are built into your

Amazon fire stick some are free if you

have Amazon Prime and some will cost if

you click on one you can kind of see the

cost of it so this will I have Amazon

Prime so they're all gonna show us free

but if you don't have Emma's on Prime

some of you may have to pay for TV shows

that are built in here as well and some

apps no check this out guys this is kind

of fun if you head over to apps and you

head down these are the featured ones

right here but let's go down to games

did you know that your Amazon fire stick

has games built into it for the kids or

even for the young adults or somebody

like me that likes to play games in

their 40s some of my favorite games when

I grew up was a double dragon here's the

trilogy for double dragon it's two

dollars an innocence that's nothing guys

to be able to play a game back in the

day that cost us a fortune neo turf

masters I remember playing this game

it's like an old arcade golf game it's

very cool

you've got Virtua Tennis it's $4.99 some

are free some cost money here's Pac Man

here's $4.99 snowboard party that one's

completely free but it requires a gaming

stick which Xbox works with any

Bluetooth pad will work some don't

require it

here's another one free family-friendly

party just like fun games Who Wants to

Be a Millionaire but you may not know

that those were already built in to your

Amazon fire stick another one is

categories now categories is really

where you can customize your Amazon fire

stick don't be afraid guys to scroll

through and test each one of these

utilities and shopping and

transportation productivity movies and

TV play with them a little bit guys

customization I did another video on

this where you can change your screen

saver and wallpaper and your themes on

your Amazon fire stick you can do all of

these things guys there's a lot to your

Amazon fire stick so that's that apps

and now you've got your settings

settings I have videos on how to set it

up to do apps from unknown sources I'm

not going to get into that too much here

I just wanted to do an introductory tour

of your Amazon fire stick so that you

can kind of get comfortable with it once

you pull it out of the box so back to

your home screen right here you can see

all your fun stuff once again if you

want to go back to the main screen just

hold your home button down for three

seconds okay one two three there you go

and then put it to sleep when you're

done guys thanks for watching the video

I just wanted to do a quick walk through

a beginners walkthrough of your Amazon

fire state if you have any questions

whatsoever don't hesitate to comment

down below if you like this video hit

the thumbs up it means that I'm doing

content that you guys are interested in

again this is just a basic walkthrough

of the Amazon fire stick make sure you

hit that notification bill because I'll

be doing an advanced when where you can

really take advantage of everything the

Amazon fire stick has to offer thanks

again for watching bye now put it to