How I Work 80-90 Hours a Week In High School (My Secret For Productivity)

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so the purpose of this video

is for me to share some of the helpful

habits that i've come across and

discovered through the experiments i've

run on myself or the studies i've read

with hopes that you guys will be able to

take something valuable away from this

video and maybe even implement some of


into your own lives i'm also very aware

that i come from

extreme privilege and that everything i

say is obviously easier said than done

but i've also been a very low point in

my life where i felt empty

alone and just unsure what to do and it

was videos like these that

helped really inspire me to get back on

my feet and also that provided a

framework for me to actually go and do


so i'm gonna break this video up into

five different sections or areas of my


and then within each i'm going to talk

about some of the habits that i've been

able to pick up on that have made each


easier and also how they all intertwine

in allowing me to live a happy healthy

meaningful well-balanced way of life be

healthy meaningful

well-balanced way of life doesn't that

sound like it would be a really


fun video but i think it was and the

funny thing is

i spent a couple of hours researching

all these scientific studies and

articles and

trying to find a way to explain how i

work 80-90 hours a week

and then i realized it was missing

something and it was one thing that sort


puts the whole equation together and

even though i filmed edited

and made the whole video that i was

going to show

you guys that was going to be this video

it was missing something

and when i realized this i went back out

and i found the closest place where

there was still sunlight because the sun

was setting and i found this hay bale in

this random

field there's probably private property

and i sat on the hay bale and i sort of


the one very important thing that sort

of put this whole equation together but

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so yeah with that said thank you again

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i'll talk into the one clip that i

actually salvaged from the first video

that i filmed because i really liked

what i was saying i was talking about

education and learning i think

there's some really valuable things you

can take away from it it also you know

sort of fits into how i'm able to work

these certain hours and india let's just

get into it enjoy

unfortunately it's a really common thing

for kids to say

oh i hate school and i think for the

first two years i sort of prescribed to

that way of thinking

and i was like yeah in school all we do

is memorize things and i'm not really

learning anything that interesting

i think that sort of corrupted the way i

view learning and education and so when

i moved to france i got really into

psychology and reading articles and

studies about how i could you know build

better habits and i could just make

myself into a better version

of myself and i think learning new

things like reading

books reading articles online has given

me i don't know how to put it exactly

but it gives me energy because it makes


excited about the world i think it's one

of the best feelings in life

is to just have genuine passion for life

you know to just be like oh my god

tomorrow's gonna be so exciting you know

what am i going to be doing in here

where will i be living what will i know

that i don't know today or how

my perspective shift right

and i think learning can take form in

you know so many different ways and so

every day when i eat my lunch i

probably spend like an hour watching

videos on youtube and for a while i was


wow this is really unproductive i could

be editing while i'm eating and then one

day i was like what am i talking about

my whole profession is making videos

it's storytelling online it's finding

ways to convey a message in a different

unique way that strikes

a chord with someone i realized holy cow

watching casey neistat at lunch

or dan mace or you know any of the

creators that really inspired me that's

one of the most productive things i

could be doing with my time because

that's like studying for me that's like

learning when i started my youtube

channel i was self-taught with

everything i didn't learn how to edit i

learned from watching the best

people in the industry right as humans

we have mirror neurons right and that's

how we learn things when we are kids

we learn in so many different ways you

know watching a netflix

movie could be just as productive as

studying a book for three hours because

you never know what you can take away

from a situation last year i was in an


language class and one of the quotes my

teacher put on the board was you can't

connect the dots looking forward you can

only connect them looking back right

and that was by steve jobs and what this

means you know for me or how at least i

interpret it

is maybe i have a video deadline coming

up in 10 days and

maybe i just want to relax and watch a

movie i think in the past i would have

been like wow

that's really unproductive but i've been

trying to you know unwind that way of

thinking and oh

maybe i'll see a really cool scene in

that movie and the way it shot inspired

me to film the video in this certain way

and that's why i don't think we should

view work in such a linear

way because it's not time in time out

right everything is connected there are


around us in so many different areas and

so when i say i work

100 hours a week right that's because i

view everything

as work because it's all connected to me

right if i go for a run for an hour

right that's brainstorming time that's

me you know releasing adrenaline

and that leads to me maybe working

harder when i get back home because i

have you know a newfound energy within

me and

my body feels good i'm taking care of

myself and if i wasn't running and i

was like oh exercise isn't productive

because it takes time

gradually i become less productive

because i wasn't taking care of my body

and so if you can sort of build habits

in every area of your life

it all connects together and you know

it's creating sort of the best version

of yourself which is you know the

ultimate productive thing right

but it's all work because it's all

connected and this all goes back to

education and learning right because

if we can learn in all areas of our life

that's i think the most

important thing we should strive to do

is to learn more about ourselves to

learn more about the world

people around us and just to be you know


individuals in society and i think

that's just something i'm trying to

focus on now

in my youth to set me up for whatever it

is i'm going to be doing

down the line

i think it all comes down to your


and i was thinking like i'm telling

people to do this i'm giving advice to

have these habits but

i think you end up discovering those

habits if you have the right mindset

it's not an accident that i started

reading articles to improve my life it's

because i wanted to improve my life but

i had the

you know perspective in the first place

that i could make change and i could

live a better life and i could have more


you know in a perfect world everyone

would be optimistic and relatively


but it's not i realize maybe that's

where i can make a difference

is maybe trying to show a new way of

viewing things in life

a new perspective and i think that is

maybe the first domino that people need

and then once you get excited about life

and you're optimistic about things

you'll be like oh

i actually want to help be the best

person or help myself be the best person

that i can because

you know if i feel good i'm well rested

i'm learning new things i'm excited i'm

creating things in my life i think that

puts you in a cycle of wanting to

actually help yourself and researching


i think once you get to that mindset

you'll be fine and i think it's just

getting to that point where you're

in the snowball momentum of wanting to

help yourself that's the hardest part

and i think that's where i

underestimated that a lot of people are

because i forget that's where i was


before i moved to france and before i

lived in france i

i struggled with a lot of these things i

would stay up way too late i wouldn't

feel good i would just be groggy i


i wasn't really doing anything

you know i think i i think i figured it


just while saying here it's what you


that fills up your thoughts and your

thoughts fill up your mind and your mind


who you are right so if you control what

you consume

you can control how you think and how

you act

so if you filter out the negativity in

your life

and you replace it with positivity and


you will begin to think with a more

optimistic perspective

right i think that's why some of my

videos have really resonated with people

is because my optimistic thinking is


it sort of gets in your head right you

know when i listen to people who are

genuinely excited for the world it makes

me excited for the world

i'm like holy cow i forgot life is so

exciting there's so many cool things i

can do

i think this applies to all sectors of

your life right

if you consume healthier foods that

aren't full of sugar and processed foods

you will feel

better right if you consume yourself

with quality sleep you will feel better

it's all about what you

bring into your body and that's what

leads to the outputs of who you are how

you think how you act how you feel and

all that i think the best place to start

is controlling what you consume and

paying attention to what you consume and

how you consume it

i think if you can read exciting books

and novels and stories and listen to

people who have

innovative ideas it just ah makes you so

excited for things because life can be

so cool

but life can also be very depressing and

awful if you get caught up in the news

and the media and you know it's all

about the balance right

you shouldn't be naive with your

optimism and positivity because there

are awful things that happen in the

world but

i just you know i strongly believe that

the optimistic

decision and mindset is the better

not i wouldn't say better but it's

what's really helped me and i think can

really help a lot of you

i sort of lost the storytelling aspect

to this video because i

had it all planned out and i was just


let me just talk from from the heart and

yeah i started this channel

document you know my life my feelings my

perspectives and

it's good to bring in information and

research and studies but

i don't want it to ever get too scripted

so i'm just trying to keep it genuine

with you guys

even though online presences seem to

have this sort of like

i don't know i don't know how to put it

but it's it creates sort of this fake

illusion that i live a perfect life

like hey dude i pulled an all-nighter

last week because i forgot to do an

english assignment i stayed up all night

doing it and i felt

terrible the next couple of days so dude

by no means am i perfect

all this but i always try to get back on

track and back into my habits right

and yeah i just want to make that clear

that i struggle too in my life i don't

have this

all perfected but i'm figuring things

out and i want to share these things

as i figure them out because i want to

help you guys

just as much as i want to help myself

and that's you know the journey that

we're going to go on together as i

continue to film videos

and yeah keep me updated in the comments

section of this video let me know

how it's going with all that so i will

be reading every comment in this

video for the next couple of weeks i

will check back in and i'd love for you

guys to check back in with me

and just post updates about how it's

going for you if you need advice

create conversations if you found things

to help you feel free to post it down


and i think that's the most beautiful

part about having a community online is


we can really help each other we can

really impact each other in great ways

and i think that's all for today i hope

that you guys are doing well

and i'll see you in perspectopia a big

thank you to my patrons for supporting

my work

giving me great feedback on my videos

and just helping me out i really do

appreciate your support

and yeah have a great day thank you for