How To Make 8D Audio

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wait a second 8 DS wear headphones ok

what's going on

I do I can feel it

cool I guess but I doubt I'll ever catch

on 1.6 million subscribers in the last

30 days what the [ __ ]

since their first video in July this

year not even a whole month ago as of

recording this the music channel 8d

Tunes has gained over 50 million views

and 1.6 million subscribers with no

signs of stopping they've got all the

tracks you know phone gorillas - imagine

dragons and marshmallow - Drake and

juice world there's a little something

for everyone

they're extremely popular songs that

would have tons of views anyways except

now they're all in 8d





now what is 8d outside of this channel

and a few other 8d tracks there isn't a

whole lot of information to find if you

type an 8 D effect these 3 8 D videos

posted back in 2017 come up which all

play the same song for some reason but

then was a flanger sorry I mean in 8 D

my first real impressions of 80 audio is

that the audio is just coated in reverb

you know the sound effect that makes

everything huge however this reverb has

been designed in a way not to sound too

washed out so the tail or decay time of

the reverb isn't something crazy like 10

seconds but a lot shorter less than a

second the room size is also nice to

play was I'm using reverb too but

honestly any reverb should be able to do

this then you want to find a good

balance between the wet signal which is

just the reverb and the dry signal which

is the signal without the reverb now it

feels and sounds quite distant reminds

me of that redbone meme except this time

it's not coming from outside the

bathroom while you're making out it's

coming from the party across the street


and you're just sitting at home alone

except there's one more thing that we're

forgetting really we're just around four

DS as you may have noticed we're a

couple DS short anybody can just slap on

a reverb effect but it's still quite

stationary we need the audio to start

moving around through the diagnosis all

eight of them I'd love to be able to say

that you can just pan it left and right

but there's definitely more to that

going on this also reminds me of

binaural audio like the barbershop order

your experience we can hear them cutting

your hair around your head and also that

door knock sound I've been playing for

the last minute or so yeah that was me I

remember an F mode there's this 3d

stereo panel that can make audio sound

like is coming from different directions

there are other things that do something

similar such as waves and X which

honestly just sounds like it's making it



and this dear VR which looks pretty good

but oh my god $350 but then I came

across this binder obviously from

Sennheiser this honestly looks perfect

it's free and it sounds just like that

rotating effect they make use of

something called HRT F filtering which

is cool to look up but using the plug-in

itself it's pretty self-explanatory spin

this wheel around to make the audio go

elevation we'll just make the audio

sound like it's coming from below or

above you kinda the plugin am Bo does

have a reflections tab which are short

delays designed to emulate the shape of

a room we use the reverb in a similar

way reverb also uses early reflections

however you won't be getting any long

reverb tails from this you can even skip

the reverb part and just use these some

of the 8d Tunes are more on the dry side

and others are more wet so it's up to

you now we have to make an automation

clip like this and repeat it so once it

makes a 360 turn it can reset at 0 and

continue all over again



because the audio in eight deep tunes

keeps moving around and comes quite

dizzying if the rotation was a bit more

slow and subtle I think about to be more

effective there's a post on fancy yahoo

answers about how 8d is really your firm

- and the sonic audio made for virtual

reality headsets all in all it's a

pretty simple gimmick like bass boosting

or adding a filter to a picture but as

long as these generate the clicks and I

have no doubt that the label will be

copyright claiming these tracks to get

their share of that sweet 8d money then

these T's are here to stick around until

ninety audio comes out feel hey I'm

selling shirts now honestly don't even

make a big profit off of these but

that's not the point the point is to

have a part of me on you now support me

on patreon so I can move out of my

parents house and see you next time


eight D more like eight deez nutz how