Why I'm able to study 4 hours with NO breaks (how to stay productive)

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What is up guys karma medic here and welcome back to another dose we need to the channel hi

My name is Nasir and I'm now a third year medical student studying at King's College, London

Today's video is all about why I study in for our flocks and I'm not talking about four hours of half studying a little bit

Of procrastinating and chillin here and there I'm talking about four hours of productive efficient studying in a row now

Usually when people find out that I study in 4 hour blocks as opposed to 25 minutes or 1 hour 2 hour even 3 hour

Blocks most of them tell me that's not possible. There's no way you can stay focus for that long. You probably aren't efficient

You're probably wondering in your mind and things like that

but honestly

I genuinely study for 4 hours in a row, and I'm

Motivated and I'm productive and I'm efficient and I'm gonna explain all of that in today's video

I'm gonna explain two things one why I study in 4 hour blocks and 2 how I study in for our vlogs

so let's tackle the why first when I sit down on my desk over here or in the library in order to study

What is my goal my goal is to complete as much work as possible to be as productive and as efficient as possible

Now me personally when I get into the zone for studying, I don't want to leave that zone. I don't want to get up

I don't wanna

Procrastinate I don't want to change what it is that I'm doing because I've already done the most difficult part of sitting down to study

Which is to get into the studying mood and zone and the more breaks that I take or reasons I give myself to get up

And off of my desk, that's another opportunity for me to have to get back into the studying zone

Which I don't want to do so generally speaking when I'm studying for exams

I do two four-hour blocks in my day from 9 to 1 and from 3 to 7

And that way I only have to enter the studying mood 2 times once at 9 a.m. And once at 1 p.m

Now this is the main reason that I personally don't use the Pomodoro timer because every 25 minutes

It's basically giving me an excuse and encouraging me to check my phone or to chill or to get up off my desk or whatever

Which is inevitably gonna lead to me procrastinating and doing something for longer than just 5 minutes

one thing that I really like about my method of doing to 4 hour blocks in my day is that I've done pretty much all

The work that I need to do by 7 p.m

Now I imagine doing eight hours of productive and useful work and also being done by 7 p.m

That leaves so much free time in order for you to do anything else that you want that can be exercised

socialising with friends playing video games making YouTube videos or basically anything you just give yourself a lot of free time and

Still do lots and lots of work during the day

Now I understand obviously different studying techniques and timetables and schedules and whatever work for different people

I'm just saying as far as maximizing efficiency

If you condense

All of the work that you have to do into the beginning part of the day that leaves a lot of hours at the end

Of the day for you to do whatever you want

All right. I think I've preached long enough now about why I really like my four-hour block method now

Let me tell you how it is that I can actually stay focused and work for four hours in a row

I'm gonna break this down into five key sections

the first is to plan the night before and what I mean by this is that when I wake up in the morning and I

Know that I'm gonna start studying at 9:00 a.m. I've already decided exactly what it is that I'm going to do at 9:00 a.m

Which means that there's no friction or no time wasted in trying to figure out what do I need to study?

What have I done enough of what is left for me to do etc, etc

I've already decided that unplanted the night before so when I sit down at 8:59

I start exactly at 9:00 and I can get immediately into the studying zone

That is actually really really key

If you're struggling to get into the study zone have a predetermined plan of what it is that you're gonna do during that time

So for example tomorrow at 9 a.m. I'm going to study for the USMLE exam, which is here

So tonight before I go to sleep

I'm going to open this book to the page that I'm going to be starting on tomorrow

And I'm gonna put a pen inside of it that way tomorrow when I take this book

Which is already laying on my desk in a nice and convenient place for me to begin work

I can literally flip open to the page of exactly where I'm going to start on top of that

You can see on my desktop over here, but I'm already gonna go down to the video that I'm gonna watch tomorrow morning

I'm gonna open it and it's gonna be ready

Just waiting for me to sit down hit play and begin work section number two

Don't give yourself a reason to get up and away from your desk before I start work at 9:00 a.m

I've already made my cup of coffee

I've got in a couple of snacks and I've organized everything around me that I will possibly need in the next four hours

So that I can minimize the amount of times that I need to get up and out of my chair

The reason that I do this is because every time you get up and out of your chair, you're giving yourself

Opportunity for distraction and reason for procrastination for example, if I go to the kitchen, I'll make myself a snack or a drink

I'll knock on my sister's door and ask her what's going on

Let's have a chat every time I leave my room and I leave that studying zone and studying environment

I'm giving myself reasons and excuses and opportunities for procrastination. Now this is gonna be slightly controversial

I'm sure but I honestly don't allow myself to get up and out of my desk until I've done an hour of studying the thought

Process that I have in my mind is not if I haven't been able to sit down and do productive solid work for an hour

Do I really deserve to go take a break?

Do I really deserve to go for crostini and fill up my drink and get more snacks or take some time off?


I need to first do a bunch of productive work before I can even think about the idea of getting up and

procrastinating and usually when I push myself to stay that extra 15 minutes

I actually end up studying for another 30 minutes or 45 minutes or whatever before getting out of my chair because I want to finish

For example the video that I'm doing or the section that I'm doing or the page that I'm writing

I just give myself reasons to continue studying. You know, I'm almost done with this section. I'm almost done with this video

I'm almost done with blah blah blah blah blah and I just try my best to keep myself situated out my desk

You know what now that I say all of this out loud, I'm starting to sound a little bit crazy

but just stay with me here the point of section number two is to only get up and off of your desk when you really

Need to section number three is for the love of God. Just get rid of your phone

Your phone is your worst enemy when it comes to studying time

If you hear any

notification if you hear a buzzing if you even look at your phone or if you even think of your phone

You're so likely to just without even thinking reach over and grab it and check it

I'm guilty of doing this all the damn time

And because I'm a human and I'm prone to checking my phone and getting all of these addicting

Notifications and numbers and messages. I have two ways in order to completely eliminate my phone from my studying environment step

Number one is to put your phone out of sight

If you can't see your phone, you're less likely to think of it

you're less likely to notice it and you're just less likely to check it overall step number two is to put your phone out of

Reach that creates a huge barrier you have to now get up and move in order to get your phone

Which I know sounds kind of stupid you're probably like

Oh, it's just two steps away over there on the bed

But the truth is when you're sitting down any extra effort or friction you give yourself in order to go check your phone

You're gonna do it less often

Wow, I've been talking a lot this video

All right section number four is about giving yourself rewards while you're studying genuinely

No joke, probably what gets me through studying sessions

the most is the idea of

Rewarding myself with either something to drink or something to eat or going out with my friends or playing video games or whatever

Just having these rewards that I make for myself that I can only unlock once I've done a certain amount of studying

It's for example

Like I mentioned before I literally don't allow myself to go get a refill of my coffee or brew a tea or anything like that

Until I've done at least an hour of studying. It's just now an ingrained rule in my head like dude

You're not gonna have coffee or more tea unless you do more work

So you better get that done first if that's what you want to do

My mentality when it comes to doing for our blocks is very simple if I work from 0 till 2 hours

Well, then all I have to do is do the exact same thing that I just did one more time

And I'll be done with my four-hour block

It's the same thing like when I go for a 10k run if I run five kilometres in one direction away from my house


Then I kind of have to run the other five kilometres in the opposite direction to get back home and that way when I sit

down for a four-hour block of studying really

all I need to focus on is getting through the next two hours because once I've done two hours well

Then I just have to repeat what I've already done and I'll be done with four hours

I know it sounds really simple and it sounds kind of stupid

You guys probably think I'm crazy right now

But if I just do two hours of studying, then I can repeat what I've done and then I've reached my goal

Okay, and the fifth and final section is about setting standards for yourself for me personally

Once I've done a four-hour block of studying

I know that that is something that I am now capable of and so next time I come to studying if I if I study

For three hours or two hours then I'm like, well, this isn't really as best as I can

Do this isn't pushing myself to my maximum efficiency or capacity?

I've done a four hour book before that means that I'm capable of doing it again and I keep up that standard and I keep

Studying for our blocks because I know that I can reach that level of capacity and productivity

It's the same thing like once I've done a ten kilometer run. I know that I'm capable of running ten kilometres

And so I keep running ten kilometres every time because now that's my new baseline. That's what I'm capable of achieving

I don't like to give myself excuses or reasons to do something out of lesser level than what I've done before

I feel like I've done it once I'm capable of doing that and so I can keep up that standard now

Obviously, you can probably see with a slippery slope that comes along with this line of thinking. I'm not crazy

I'm a robot

I obviously have times when I can't study for 4 hours if I follow everything that I'm saying about

80% of the time then I'm doing a fantastic job because the other 20% is just real life things happen

Things come up you need to change and you need to be flexible, but this is my line of thinking

This is my philosophy. And this is when I try to upkeep as much as I possibly can. Okay, and that is it

I hope you guys have found this video useful. I hope you've enjoyed it

and if you did

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I love reading and replying to all of your comments and that is it for me

I will see you guys in the next video. Peace


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