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up dude reddit what's the fastest you've

seen someone fired from a job there was

a reddit post a while ago about some

dude who just got a job at Google he did

an AMA talking about what his position

would entail he ended up getting canned

before he officially started because he

didn't grasp the finer points of an NDA

pre-emptive firing by talking about your

non-disclosure internet job on the

internet next up let's share the coke

recipe at the Pepsi plant I worked as a

delivery driver for Pizza Hut in college

basically anyone who applied and had a

driver's license would get hired so this

kid will call him Steve came in on his

first day of work and this was a

transcript of his entire period of

employment at Pizza Hut

Steve so where is the car I am going to

use manager you use your own car Steve

but I don't have a car

manager well then you can't be a

delivery driver new guy tried to buy

some meth from the owner within two

hours of being hired he asked another

employee and he told him the owner was

dealing on the side for extra cash he

started at 8:00 a.m. and was fired by


awesome moved by the other employee less

than three minutes worked for a tree

service for a few years so I saw a lot

of people come and go that couldn't

handle it new guys were always showing

up but this 18 year old never had a job

before being told he is special all his

life and he felt respect was given not

earned this kids never made it to the

trucks we parked our work trucks close

to the areas we worked at various

parking loss so our personal cars were

usually parked close to ensure a spot

for the work truck that afternoon new

kid parks right in the middle trying to

show he is important before he got out

the boss said his coffee cup on the kids

back bumper and starts the morning

safety meeting kid walks around his

truck and screams whu-oh the frick put

their dang car

why why why why truck and knocks it to

the ground the end had a girl common

foot training her first day of the

bakery I worked at halfway through the

chef she takes my co-workers cell phone

flip phone out of her bag looks her in

the eye and says this is nice and then

snapped it clean in half

my boss was in such shock that he didn't

even yell just told her to get out and

not come back

chick wanted to know if she was getting

paid to half an hour working in Arby's

new girl shows up they run her through

how to work the cash register on a few

dummy orders she takes a real order or

two and then it gets slow she asks to

duck out for minutes to smoke and never

came back

register ended up being $100 short that

day six minutes had a friend who worked

as a telemarketer and totally blacked

out and started yelling at people over

the phone he still lists this job on his

racer may like a boss telemarketer 9

a.m. 906 am must look good on the CV I

worked at a pretty big company I was at

work early one morning around 7:30

trying to get a head start and I see the

new guy an entry-level super nice dude

he had just started a week or two prior

and he was also in the office early

trying to make a good impression

anyway he thought it would be a good

idea to start up a fantasy football

league in the office so he sends out an

email about fantasy football to everyone

to everyone the company is a huge

multinational corporation he sent the

email to every single employee manager

director VP CEO OU etc but more than

that he sent it to every single

distribution list so people were getting

double triple quadruple emails he

effectively shut down the entire email

system with a failed attempt to increase

office morale

big boss comes in at 8:00 closes the

door to his office and sits at the desk

a minute later I hear what the FE calls

in the newb to his office by 8:30 the

new guy's walking out the door escorted

by security true story about four hours

in high school I worked at an ice cream

shop my boss hired a new girl and said

she was going to be working her first

shift with me she came in wearing a

black jacket and black pants which

wasn't really the dress code but

whatever for four hours she would not

come out of the corner I tried to coax

her on men at times but wouldn't budge I

think they had some other issues but she

started crying so I gave up and left her


my boss awkwardly told her it wasn't

going to work out after that idk if this

girl was actually fired or if the

manager just forget about her

but she applied for a job at a movie

theater and got it

she was then never put on the shed or

called to work she didn't work a single

hour she even tried calling and got no

response my roommate got a job at a

burrito place left for his first day and

I wished him good luck I came home later

and asked him how it went he said he got

fired I laughed at him thinking it was a


nope apparently he got which day was his

first day wrong he was a whole two days

late and this is why I would check the

schedule multiple times a day as well as

take photos of it I was always terrified

I'd get the days wrong I worked for a

major three letter computer company a

new service tech was hired

once he logged in he pulled out a

portable hard drive from his backpack

connected it to his machine and started

to copy everything he had access to

within three hours security was

escorting him out the door

waitresses first job was to take the

brand-new glasses out of the boxes put

them through the washer and put them


she got an all in racks about 10 high on

a set of wheels tried to push them and

they all fell over the manager said he

felt bad but had to fire her on a

construction site high-rise you have to

be tied off 100% if you walk within 10

feet of the leading edge of the building

zero tolerance this kids first day ducks

under the rope and walks about a foot

away from a 60-foot drop I yelled at him

and pointed at the rope he says oh and

duck's back under he was off-site 45

minutes later total time about three

hours during the first week of Air Force

basic training a guy who couldn't have

been older than 18 got kicked out of the

military altogether because of the

results of the drug test he took before

being shipped out some guys in uniform

came to our barracks made him grab his

few belongings and they took him off he

looked devastated and had tears

streaming down his face moral of the

story get clean before signing up saw a

woman come in for a receptionist job on

her first day about 45 minutes late we

said apparently we'd work with her on

her schedule because she had a kid bid

45 minutes late on your first day with

no call she was escorted out almost

immediately and sure about this there

are many reasons I would be 1 plus hour

late with no calls for example the

subway broke down and I got trapped in a

train in the tunnels with no cell phone

signal I got fired an hour into training

to be a busboy at a Boulder Creek steak

house I had already bought the uniform

and was learning how to properly roll up

the silverware and the napkins when the

manager came by to let me know that

hoops turns out we're not allowed to

hire 15 year olds sorry bye those

bastards still only $5.25

I hired a girl to work customer service

at the front desk of our company her job

consisted of greeting customers and


the cash register intermittently she

showed up for her first day of work hung

over or on some kind of Downers and

about 30 minutes into training she had

to leave because she wasn't feeling well

I gave her the benefit of the doubt

later that day after I finished my shift

I went out with my wife to go see a

movie I saw her there obviously feeling


apparently she just didn't feel like

working she was too embarrassed to come

back to work the next day

so technically I didn't have to fire her

she worked for a total of 30 minutes

I think her paycheck came out to like

three dollars and 80 cents I went to bat

for a friend's friend who needed a job

begged my boss to hire him she let me do

the interview I threw him the softest

softball questions ever she hired him on

my recommendation walked him through his

w-4 and all that crap filed it with

corporate I asked when he could start

he says Monday Monday comes and no John

he just never showed up to his first day

I ate a lot of crap from my boss over

that one about an hour into training I

work with infants at a daycare and I had

a new hire that I was training one of my

four month olds had been crying all day

and I could tell my trainee was getting

fed up with it even though she'd only

been in my room for like half an hour

around the infant I was busy changing

diapers and making different bottles and

didn't notice that I could no longer

hear that baby screaming I finally

realized it when I grabbed his bottle

out of the bottle warmer and couldn't

find him I started freaking out and

asked the trainee way he was turns out

she had just opened the back door put

the baby on the ground outside and left

him out there to get rid of the crying

she begged me not to tell but you don't

just put a baby outside right then one

of my directors came by to see how

everything was going and I told her what

happened the trainee was fired before

she had even a

shall I started working you have been

visited by the chunk of good luck good

fortune and Luck's will come to you but

only a few comments all Lord he coming