How to drop down blinds

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hello everyone is me handy Danny and I'm

coming to you with another video

I'm here in my daughter's room because

this is the one's quiet room in the

house and I wanted to show you a few

things about your blinds okay so the

first thing is what is this thing right

here for a lot of people don't know this

right here is - if you grab this you'll

grab bow string simultaneously - pool

versus just the one string okay you have

one string is not as strong pulling at

one string but if you grab this right

here this little double and you pull it

you get a little bit more leverage but

this video is about how to raise your

blinds and how to lower your price

believe it or not I've been getting a

lot of requests on this video okay so

what you want to do is I'm gonna close

here but in order to raise your blinds

you want to pull straight down okay

whenever you get to a desired height you

just let go and you see your blinds stay

right there okay now if you want to

lower your blinds all you want to do is

you want to grab it here come in at a 45

degree angle pull down slightly and just

keep the 45 degree angle and as you can

see there the blind start to go down now

if you want to get really courageous and

stop at a certain level on the way down

but you do is just bring your string

back to the center point and let go and

you see the blind stop but you pull

again okay I got my 45 degree angle on

one I just keep the 45 degree angle and

let it down and you can see that the

blinds jump all the way down pretty

simple easy way to control your blinds

the first time instead of wrapping your

hand around the cord and doing all this

crazy stuff alright give it a try let me

know what you think goodbye