Healthy Night Shift Tips!

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hi guys welcome to empower and my name

is caroline porter tom thank you so much

for watching my youtube channel and

power in so this is a video request that

was requested by quite a few of you guys

since i've had a lot of health diet and

energy tips a lot of you guys working

night shift have asked for healthy night

shift tips so in this video i'm going to

share with you a bunch of those tips now

i worked night shift for about a year

and a half the first job that i was

hired for was actually for rotating

which meant that i did three weeks of

days and three weeks of nights it was

pretty hard on the body to rotate but i

think eventually if you want to go to

day shift that was definitely the

easiest way for me to transition because

there's definitely a huge difference in

the shifts in general and so that did

help out but here are some things that i

did during that night shift that helped

me I think stay pretty healthy the first

thing that I did was I found ways that I

could get solid sleep

non-pharmacological II like I really

honestly could not take any medications

even natural medications to help me

sleep because I would just wake up

feeling groggy and I would have a

difficult time focusing so for me it was

actually better for me to go without

sleep than it was for me to take any

kind of herbal or medications so you

might be different you might have a

medication that works for you and if you

do and if you know something that does

work for you then why don't you post it

below so that other people might be able

to read it and benefit from it as well

but for me personally I just could not

take anything I tried everything I tried

like benadryl I tried what is it called

melatonin but I tried a few different

things and everything just kind of made

me groggy and I didn't really feel like

I slept that well anyways but here are

some things that I did to help ensure

that I got good sleep and that was first

of all definitely wearing an eye mask

helped out a lot because it blocked out

quite a bit of the light I also put dark

blinders up on my windows I have like

these really dark blue sheets and so I

actually pen them up and they

works pretty well so you know I just

this is my first job so I was like so

broke from nursing school so anyways it

worked I'm really sensitive to sounds

and so I really had to block out any

noise that was going on in the house and

so I got a fan but I don't like any air

blowing on me so I would actually point

the fan at the wall away from me but it

was just there for noise kind of like

that white noise and then I also in

addition to all of that I bought

earplugs these are the earplugs that I

used and I will put a link below but

they are called like mighty plugs or

something like that and they're kind of

waxy but you like put them in your ear

and honestly they helped me sleep so

soundly and one really sweet thing that

I liked about it was that when you're

going to sleep you can actually like

hear the sound of your heart because

it's actually like closing up your ear

and so I would sleep to the sound of my

heartbeat so it's kind of like

comforting in a way I guess I don't know

it's just spoken but anyway so I'll put

a link below to those ear plugs they

really helped me out I actually still

use them especially when I'm traveling

so because any sounds I'm very very very

sensitive it sounds the next thing that

I did was if I had a day where I didn't

sleep well I just kind of relaxed about

it and I got this tip for my mom my mom

is also a nurse and she has had six

children and so I'm sure she went

through tons of sleepless nights but one

night I remember I was freaking out

because I had to go to work and I

literally could not sleep one wink and

she really calmed me down she was like

Caroline just don't worry about it

you'll sleep well tonight and I thought

about and I was like that's true I'm

gonna like get home and just fall on the

bed and crash and that's exactly what I

did but having that mentality like okay

so if you go through a day where you

don't sleep well well it just relax

about it because that just means you're

going to be in a much deeper sleep when

you finally do get to sleep so just

relaxing about it is really just the

best thing to do you know because I mean

you can't do anything about now you

slept go to work so might as well relax

the other thing is like make sure you're

just you're paying

attention to diet nutrition make sure

you stay as healthy as possible while

you are working night shift

I mean basically just reverse your

schedule when you wake up at 5:00 p.m.

consider it 5:00 a.m. for yourself and

eat breakfast as you would eat your

snacks pack your lunch I know that I

have a ton of videos already on this so

I will put links to all of those videos

somewhere so just look for those so just

make sure you're giving your body the

nutrients that it needs despite what

hour of the day it is and just consider

your hours it's kind of just switched so

now so this next tip is I really think

it's the best tip ever you have to find

things that you're really passionate

about positivity positive mindset is the

absolute most important thing that you

can do so find something to do when you

know especially on your days off that is

going to excite you so one thing that I

did when I was working a night shift

that I'm not really sure would have been

completed if I wasn't working shift was

I wrote my first book how to succeed in

nursing school and because I had so many

hours where I had no one to talk to I

had to stay quiet because the rest of

the house was sleeping I started finding

things that I was really passionate

about that I always wanted to do so I

always wanted to write a book and I felt

like there needed to be more support for

our nursing students and I had done well

so why not share what I had learned and

I got so passionate about this that the

hours would just fly by and you know

even though I was alone I didn't really

feel like I was alone and I don't know

it just made things just so much better

so what are some things that you've

always wanted to do have you wanted to

start a blog or write a book or start an

online company like what are some things

that you've wanted to do that you've

always been passionate about but you've

never really considered yourself to have

the time but now that you're working

kind of night shift and your hours are

kind of all fluctuated in your sleep

schedules off why not during those times

that you are

awake and that your time is your own why

don't you do something that you're

really passionate about that's going to

make the world a better place the next

tip also is to make sure you're getting

your exercise guys 20 to 30 minutes of

cardio two to three times a week will

literally change your mind and body it

has been proven by so many different

researchers that exercise literally can

increase all kinds of good things going

on in your brain and so just make it a

priority to keep your body in tip-top

condition I always love cardio so make

sure you get enough cardio in as well

also do not over consume statistics

about how bad nightshift is for you or

how bad you know staying up all night is

like just don't over consume those

statistics that's just going to stress

you out there's always exceptions to the

role I personally have met especially

the hospitals so many average people

that are exceptions to the rule and so I

really think that nurses are pretty much

above average so an intelligence and

ability so don't over consume with the

statistics you'll be fine just stay

healthy do everything else you possibly

can to stay healthy this is a tip that I

do just to stay positive in general but

for the first like 20 minutes that I'm

awake I put on a really positive audio

book one that's just going to set the

tone for my entire day or your entire

night I've been doing this for years it

really helps me stay grounded when all

kinds of negativity and pressure comes

at me I'm really able to handle it and

usually I'm really able to handle it in

a much better way as long as I get that

first like twenty to thirty minutes of a

good audio book in so find a book that's

going to be really positive of course

any books by Rhonda Byrne who did the

secret the magic the power I know that

the secret and the

our our audiobooks so if you wanted to

like listen to that even just 20 minutes

but just wake up with an immense amount

of positivity because it will definitely

set your next weekend hours also when

you are at home make sure you do some

yoga moves to kind of meditate I love

yoga in the simple sense that for me

it's actually not exercise it's

meditation because I have a very very

difficult time sitting down meditating

but when I get into these yoga poses it

just feels like everything falls into

place and my mind can like focus because

my body is engaged doing something so

one thing that I would do at work was I

would put my bottom up against the wall

and I would literally just fold myself

over and stretch I know it's not exactly

a yoga pose but it's kind of like a half

yoga pose in a way and I would just

stretch and I would just give a lot of

things for the job that I had for the

patients that I got to serve for the

coworkers and of course you know people

will walk in on you on the job and be

like what are you doing but you know

just do your thing do whatever you have

to do to stay positive and your

positivity hopefully will have a

positive impact on them and who knows

maybe they'll start doing it too I

really hope that this video helps you if

you guys have any tips if you work a

night shift and you have some tips that

works for you please post it in the

comments below so that we can help each

other out so alright guys if you have

any other questions by the way please

post it below as well so that I can make

sure I make a video for you all right I

love you guys so much I'll pucky soon