Tips for Transitioning to Night Shift

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hey guys so I am back again and I'm

actually about to go into nightshift

well not about a couple hours before I

usually get up a couple hours before and

then get ready and relax but what I

thought I would talk to you about it is

what I've been doing to flip tonight and

kind of how that's going for me because

I was so scared to work night shift in

the hospital because everyone kept

telling me that it was gonna be super

hard and that I was gonna hate it and

that flipping was gonna be so difficult

and it really wasn't the case for me it

turns out I'm kind of a night owl but in

all fairness let me just say that I was

never really a morning person and I

never considered myself a night person I

used to kind of joke that I'm a

mid-afternoon good from 2 to 3 o'clock

type of person so maybe I've been a

night out all along and I just had no

idea so first things first coffee no I'm

just I'm just kidding so caffeine does

help but don't overdo it because you

really want to stay hydrated and I'll

get into that a little bit later so when

I started flipping I made sure to clear

my schedule the day before at least at

night now clearing a schedule might not

be doable for everyone but thankfully

I'm usually able to kind of figure that

out and get that going so I try to stay

up as late as possible the night before

a night shift and if you don't make it

that's ok especially the first time if

you are not a night person try to do

whatever you can to keep yourself busy I

think I cleaned like my whole house

trying to stay busy the first night and

I wasn't successful because I'm not used

to staying up all throughout the night I

think I made it to maybe like 3 a.m. and

then I slept for as long as I could that

morning unfortunately my body only let

me sleep like five hours or so but

that's ok what I ended up doing is even

though I could only sleep so long I took

another long nap before my shift and

that seemed to work pretty well for me

so of course people recommend you know

getting blackout curtains or you know if

you can't do that maybe using

a face mask something to block out the

light because that can be really

difficult for most people as soon as

that light hits your face you're awake

and that's kind of what happened to me

my first day I had an eye mask that it

had like fallen off while I was sleeping

or something and it woke me up since

then I've resolved that problem it

hasn't been an issue anymore

they definitely consider blackout

curtains I mask something just to block

the light and keep your room dark now

during the shift that can be difficult

my first night shift went really well

but I was exhausted and thankfully it

was an extremely busy shift I think I

had like four sections and I was running

up and down stairs and catching

elevators and there were a lot of things

going on with patients so I was moving

the whole time so that's something that

helped me stay awake and stay alert once

it got slower it was definitely more

difficult to you know stay awake make

sure that you guys are double triple

quadruple checking charting especially

on your first night because you might

feel like you're doing something correct

or paperwork in general but then you

know it comes to the end of the shift

and you found something that you didn't

triple-check and it was wrong so I

usually especially on night shift

double-check triple-check all of my

charting it might take an extra second

but it makes sure everything is correct

because sometimes when we're tired

especially the first night of flipping

we can make mistakes and you need to be

careful about that not only is keeping

busy good to help you stay awake but

something you need to do because when we

get tired especially on that first night

we just crave junk or we think oh I need

to drink 12 coffees caffeine can be

helpful in moderation but what you

actually want to do is hydrate yourself

do you want to make sure you're fueling

your body appropriately so all you

should drink a lot of water and then I

also only have healthy staff if I'm

craving something sweet I usually have

you know clementines or grapes oranges

some type of sweet fruit that kind of

curbs that sweet craving but it's also

good for me and I'll usually have nuts

trail mix something of the sort that'll

kind of keep my energy levels at ba so

I'm not going to sit here and be a

hypocrite I usually do have an energy

drink or already coffee something

stashed away into the side so that if I

do get very tired towards the end of my

shift and feel like I'm too tired that

I've got something there but I try not

to use it every night because I don't

want it to be something that I have to

have because one energy drinks are

expensive and two if you drink an energy

drink at the end of your shift you're

gonna get home and not be able to sleep

so on top of that um when I do get home

there's two options you can do and it

depends on how your shift goes of course

I try not to wait until two seconds

before my shift ends to eat and some

people will have like a snack once it

gets slow or take a break towards the

end of their shift and eat so when they

get home they've got a full belly and

they can sleep better or when you get

home eat something small before you

sleep because what I was doing before I

didn't want to eat and then go to sleep

but then I noticed I was waking up way

too early because I was hungry so what I

started doing is if I have a couple of

minutes to take you know like my

ten-minute break somewhere at the end of

my shift or close to the end of my shift

an hour or two away

I'll try to eat something that way when

I get home I am full enough to you know

sleep comfortably and if not when I get

home I'll eat something very small or

like just kind of keep me say she ate it

while I'm sleeping and then on my off

days if I do need to flip I will get up

earlier and then like I said you know if

I only have one day off between night

shifts I'm not gonna flip I'm gonna stay

on a night shift schedule or like I said

you know stay up as late as possible and

then take a nap before my shift because

that's too much flipping for your body

if you work night shift on Monday have

Tuesday off and then I shift on

Wednesday and you flip back two days on

Tuesday your body's gonna get really

confused and it's gonna throw all your

hormones off and everything and it just

it makes the whole process a lot more

difficult so I don't flip unless I have

to and like I said that's probably

easier for me because I don't have kids

and I don't have certain obligations

that other people do but it's what what

has been working for me and things that

I've noticed and I do try to flip too

soon and

so my next night shift is really really

tough so if any of you guys are working

night shift leave some comments down

below on what you guys do to make this

shift easier what works for you how you

flip because everyone flips from days

two nights differently and hopefully we

can kind of learn from each other and

maybe somebody else that's watching this

video will you know find a method that

works better for them from you guys if

you guys have any questions leave them

down below also and again always feel

free to follow me on my Instagram that's

just breathe easy underscore rrt and

i'll see you guys next time