How to use 3D Touch on your iPhone — Apple Support

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With 3D Touch, you can peek at messages and emails,

use shortcuts, and see Quick Actions for apps.

Let's start with Quick Actions.

Quick Actions let you do the things you do most often

a little faster.

For example, you can press firmly on Messages

to quickly access a recent conversation

and text a friend back.

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Or if you press firmly on Photos,

you can view your most recent images.

3D Touch can be used with tools like Notes and Markup,

where you can use the pressure-sensing display

on an iPhone 6s or later to vary things

like line opacity.

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You can also use 3D Touch to quickly preview something

and then take a closer look.

For example, pressing firmly on a message

allows you to peek at its contents.

You can then press a little deeper to open it,

or swipe up to see more options like Reply,

Forward, Mark, and more.

If you want to adjust 3D Touch sensitivity on your iPhone,

just open Settings, tap General, Accessibility,

then scroll to find and tap 3D Touch.

Here you can adjust the amount of pressure needed

to activate 3D Touch.

Light sensitivity reduces the amount of pressure required.

Firm sensitivity increases it.

You can test the sensitivity for previewing content

like emails and messages here.

Now try it on your own and discover all the ways

you can use 3D Touch.

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